Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews

A Seamless Refrigerator

What really is a counter depth refrigerator anyway and why would anyone want one?

The answer to both of these questions is they create "WOW" Factor in any kitchen. These refrigerators mimic a built-in look without the built-in price.

A counter depth side-by-side refrigerator or French door, easily gives your kitchen a truly customized appearance.

There are a wide variety of counter-depth models to choose from and most are loaded with innovative features designed to make every kitchen more functional -- and of course, more beautiful!

Regular refrigerators extend beyond the counter and literally stick out anywhere from 3-8". Counter-Depth Refrigerators are only as deep as the kitchen counter top giving your kitchen a clean, updated line that is both easier on the eye and offers more room in your kitchen.

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Counter Depth Refrigerator Brands

Most refrigerator manufacturers offer a counter depth model or two (or many more); but there are only a handful that we would strongly recommend. (Click here to see a full list of counter depth reviews across all brands)

Here are the list of brands that we recommend for cabinet depth refrigerators:

GE Refrigerators

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LG Refrigerators

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Bosch Refrigerators

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Samsung Refrigerators

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Jenn-Air Refrigerators

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Monogram Refrigerators by GE

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Counter Depth vs. Traditional

Most "traditional" refrigerators, extend up to 33” from the wall which means they end up protruding more than 6” beyond the depth of most counter-tops and cabinets.

Counter Depth Refrigerators extend just 26-3/4" from the wall. They slide right into the same opening as your old refrigerator but these refrigerators sit almost completely flush to the surrounding cabinetry.

More Design Choices

These refrigerators come in a wide variety of style choices. One of the most popular design options is the ability to create customized panels (also called face/door plates) that match your existing cabinetry. These panels are the same style and color as your current cabinets making the refrigerator blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. If done correctly, it might even be difficult to tell WHERE your refrigerator is at!

A good carpenter can build custom panels that are EXACTLY like your cabinets in any material (from wood, to metal, to plastic, etc) you choose.

If you're not looking to completely hide the unit, then you might simply choose to not have any panels on the front and pick a fridge in a color (stainless, bisque, white, etc.) that best compliments the existing color scheme of your kitchen.

Depending on the brand you choose, you might also have a number of handle selections to choose from. Or,you might choose to have integrated handles that blend into the rest of the unit.

Your design choices are truly unlimited with counter depth refrigerators. But keep in mind that by sacrificing a bit of depth, you also sacrifice a little internal storage space. Although most manufacturers have gotten quite clever with their use of shelving and door space, there is still a fraction of interior storage space that has been lost.

Consider those units with Integrated Interior Lighting so that you avoid having to work around bulky interior lamp units.

Three Factors to Consider

In addition to price, there are a number of other factors you're going to want to consider:

  1. CAPACITY: Take into account the number of people in your family and how much space you'll need. 33 cubic feet is usually enough to serve a family of four. Keep in mind that many counter depth refrigerators are not as DEEP as traditional refrigerators and that loss of depth may be more significant to some buyers than others.

  2. FEATURES: From water and ice dispensers to LED lighting and more, you have to decide in advance what features are important to you. If your goal with a cabinet depth refrigerator is to have it seemlessly blend in with your existing cabinetry, you might consider avoiding those models with external features.

  3. LIFESPAN: Most refrigerators should give you approximately 10-12 years of continuous uninterrupted service. But, a lot of that is dependent upon usage, environment, among other things. But consider how long you plan on having your existing design choices in your kitchen. You may opt to go for a stainless steel panel fridge instead of a custom cabinet panel fridge for example knowing that you plan to change out the decor of your kitchen in the near future.

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Built In Refrigerators

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