Side By Side Refrigerators

Find the Perfect Side by Side Fridge Freezer for Your Needs!

Side by side refrigerators are called as such because the refrigerator and the freezer are positioned next to each other -- literally, side by side. These refrigerators are perfect for those kitchens where you need maximum capacity, but maybe don’t have the space for a wide door radius.

Many of these units come with in-door water and ice dispensers. Be sure to look for models that have a filtered water system to get the best quality tasting water and ice. Although these features are great to have, keep in mind that they also take up a lot of interior space.

  • Tip: If you need a refrigerator with a lot of width, a side by side is not for you as both the refrigerator and freezer sections are quite narrow. Instead you should consider a French Door Refrigerator.

Side by Sides Fridges By Brand

Considering there are so many models to review, we thought the best way to begin would be by brand. Click on any of the links below to see the top 3-4 side by side refrigerators in that brand.

  1. Amana

  2. Amana's quality speaks for itself in the respect that it is one of the best selling refrigerators on the market today. Take a look at the three models we felt you should take a look at.

    Click here for Amana Side by Side Reviews

  3. Bosch
  4. Many people know Bosch as a quality power tool maker. But did you know that they also make some of the best quality refrigerators and dishwashers on the market today?

    Check out some of our favorite Bosch refrigerator models.

    Click here for Bosch Side by Side Reviews

  5. General Electric
  6. The General Electric Company better known as GE is the world's second largest corporation and it so happens to make refrigerators known for their styling, functionality and performance.

    They make 4 different lines that each contain side by side refrigerators:

    1. GE
    2. GE Cafe
    3. GE Profile
    4. GE Monogram

    While there are many to choose from, we've picked out three that we thought you might want to see. Here are our favorite GE Refrigerators.

  7. Kenmore
  8. Kenmore is the exclusive appliance brand of Sears and now K-mart (which purchased Sears a couple of years ago).

    There are dozens of Kenmore side by side refrigerator models to choose from as well as a few different lines: Kenmore, Kenmore Elite and Kenmore Pro.

    Click here for Kenmore Side by Side Reviews

  9. KitchenAid
  10. KitchenAid is a brand name you know and trust. Their line of side by sides offer amazing durability and features that few other manufacturers do.

    Their side by side fridges come in either free standing or built in styles that can be stainless or what's called panel ready to match your existing cabinetry. Regardless of your choice all of these models really add a nice upgrade to any kitchen.

    Click here for KitchenAid Side by Side Reviews

  11. LG Side by Side
  12. LG Refrigerators are some of the most innovative products out there and have quickly become some of the most popular refrigerators on the market.

    These side by sides are surprisingly inexpensive with a great deal of quality and well worth a look.

    Click here for LG Side by Side Reviews

  13. Maytag Side by Side
  14. There are a wide variety of Maytag refrigerator models that deserve your consideration. Surprisingly their prices are quite comfortable and the refrigerators still offer many bells and whistles.

    Click here for Maytag Side by Side Reviews

  15. Samsung Side by Side
  16. Samsung is also one of those brands that, while being a new comer, has taken the market by storm. Across all of their styles they infuse sleek and beautiful lines to add that extra something to any kitchen.

    Best of all they typically range in the middle of the price range even though they are quite large in capacity (24-26 cu. ft.)

    Click here for Samsung Side by Side Reviews

  17. Whirlpool
  18. Whirlpool is the parent company of many of the best known appliance brands in the world such as Maytag and JennAir among others.

    We had dozens of models to choose from, but there were only a few that stood out as the best of the best.

    Click for Whirlpool Side by Side Reviews

Click here for Side by Side Reviews

Three Key Features

There are a few key features you'll want to look for when shopping for a Side by Side Refrigerator:

  1. Capacity: The capacity of most side by side fridges is hampered not only by the narrowness of the compartments themselves, but also by some of the features you choose. Everything from the water dispenser to the interior light can take away from the space. Consider looking for those models that feature Split Shelving or Adjustable Shelving. Also look for those models that have Gallon Size Door Capacity so you can store your gallons of milk and juice in the door rather than utilizing all of your space on the top shelves.

  2. Lighting: It may seem a little silly, but there were a number of models that we found that only had a top light. It made it very uncomfortable to see throughout the fridge. Always look for those models that have multiple lighting sources and especially those models that have the new and bright LED Light Bulbs.

  3. Easy to Replace Water Filters: Even though we discussed the importance of high quality water filters above, they also must be easy to replace. Most are nowadays, but there are still a few that have you reach around the back side of the fridge to access the filter unit (none of those models are recommended here by the way). You should have an average lifespan of about six months on most refrigerator water filters.

Our Side by Side Refrigerator Recommendations

With a huge variety of models available it was pretty difficult to narrow down our choices. But, after taking into account the durability, styling, functionality and ease of cleaning, it became a heck of a lot easier to decide which models should be stand outs. Though for those of you who prefer to have everything all in one place, we've compile a specific page with all of our side by side reviews together. Click on the link below to see them all.

Side by Side Fridge Reviews: If you're not set on a specific brand but know it's a side by side you want, then click here to see all of our side by side refrigerators reviews.

If you are ready to get started looking at refrigerators, then take a look at the three below:

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