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Make Your Decision Easy with the Top 3 Samsung Refrigerator Reviews for Side by Side Models

In putting together our Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews we did a great deal of research so you wouldn't have to. Buying a refrigerator is more than confusing, it's also a very expensive purchase that you want to be sure of when you do it. Knowing this, we’ve limited the number of side by side refrigerators to the 3 best Samsung refrigerators side by side.

We’ve set each one with just a brief overview of the refrigerator and a link to a full review should you want to read more. Either click on the picture to see more or the link to read the full reviews.

The Best 4 Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

In choosing the best Samsung side by side refrigerator reviews we were torn but we wanted to cover all of our bases with the final 4. The differences between these Samsung side by sides are more features than size. With the exception of the counter depth side by side Samsung refrigerator, all of the refrigerators come with a 26 cu. ft. storage capacity.

Scroll down to read all three Samsung side by side refrigerator reviews as each one offers different things. Click on either the picture or the link to read the full review to learn more about each fridge listed below.

Now for the reviews you've been waiting for:

1. Samsung RS265TDRS Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This 26 cu. ft. side by side is great for a larger family that needs a great deal of storage at a great price. We were impressed at the huge organizational abilities as well as the separate cooling zones. The display on the external ice and water dispenser is a really nice touch as well. You can’t go wrong at this price point and size. Definitely worth taking a look at.Read the full review.
Rating: .5

2. Samsung RS261MDRS Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This Samsung side by side refrigerator review kind of surprised us as we found that this refrigerator came with most of the bells and whistles you find in a Samsung refrigerator. The only thing it didn’t have was the separate cooling systems for fridge and freezer but this is also probably why it costs less. Otherwise this is a great deal for someone who needs a lot of storage space and still wants the extras on a budget. Read the full review.

3. Samsung RSG257AARS Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This is the one counter depth side by side refrigerator that Samsung makes. If you need a counter depth refrigerator then this is the one to take a look at. This side by side fridge does cost more than the others but it really does come with every possible added bonus you might want. The best of all is with the styling and dimensions of this Samsung refrigerator you will be certain to add a sense of beauty to any kitchen. Beautiful fridge with great usability.Read the full review.

4. Samsung RSG309AARS Side by Side Refrigerator with 8" LCD Display
OVERVIEW: Not only is this a huge refrigerator that should hold a tremendous amount of food it is really the future of refrigerators. The 8" LCD display panel is kind of like having a built in Ipad in your refrigerator door.

Now you can check the weather, news and even get reviews just by standing in front of your refrigerator door. You really need to check this refrigerator out. Read the full review.


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