Samsung RS263 Side by Side Refrigerator Review

by A. Bailey
(Atlanta, Ga)

To start my Samsung refrigerator review, we got our Samsung fridge delivered on 10/21/10 from Sears outlet. We gave it a few days to 'settle in', and there are things that are good.

The icemaker works well, water/filter is okay, too. The blue lights & little ding-dong noises all suit us fine & dandy. It makes strange little growling noises like a platypus. Guess that's the icemaker cycle -- I can deal with that.

My MAIN concern, though, is that the fridge door does not seem to have that tight, vacuum-feeling fit when you shut it -- and you have to SLAM it.

I swear it's not a good fit. It sticks out almost 1/2 inch more than freezer side door.

The guy from Sears who came out & looked at it (yeah, we've already had to call them) said, "Oh, it's just the way it was packed, you know, the gaskets are smushed sometimes and sometimes they aren't." Hmmm....can you say baloney?!?!

He did run some diagnostics & said there was an electric malfunction - the compressor was not getting the voltage it needed to kick on the fridge side.

Oh, so THIS is why our food is NOT any colder than 41 degrees F?? Even on the "Supercool" setting, (for those who don't know, this is the coldest one you can program for the fridge side)??

Previous to this, we bought a Maytag fridge -- OMG what a nightmare!! Because of the horrible problems with that one, we are very vigilant about our food safety and bought 2 industrial thermometers to double check every zone.

Sorry I know I'm a bit verbose, but this is really making me uneasy ! Anyone else out there have these problems??

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Jan 17, 2014
Do NOT Purchase
by: Anonymous

Bought the Samsung RS263 in 2010, we have had Sears Techs come out several times because the refrigerator just does NOT cool down. Motherboard has been replaced, fan replaced and currently my food is in an ice chest because the fan is out again. BAD BAD fridge...WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM SEARS. My fridge is now out of warranty and they want to sell me a new plan for $279...awesome!

Feb 21, 2013
Fridge fan freezing
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem.... On the third service call now they are saying its the evaporator that's bad. It's scheduled for 3 weeks out, so I have no fridge for 3 weeks? Not happy....

Oct 22, 2012
not the best fridge i have had
by: Anonymous

Two years ago we had to replace our kenmore fridge , that had lasted for almost 19 years with very little , if no maintenance .
We went to Sears looking for a new one , and we were directed toward the samsung RS263 model . We were told good thingd about it .
We have heard all the noises that other people have commented about . They don't seem to bother us . its the actual issue with the fridge fan freezing up , due to water (condensation ) and ice build up around the coils , that got into the fan and damaged it .
The worst part of this tail , is when you try to get Sears to come out and service it . GOOD LUCK !!
I told them over the phone what was wrong with it . They said that they would inform the service team . apparently they didn't . He showed up 4 days later with nothing and then said he couldn't return for another 4 days to repair it because he didn't have the part .
Their tech support people are also very useless .
Moral of the story , don't buy this fridge , so you don't have to be pushed into a useless service contract !

Oct 01, 2012
Samsung RS263 Side by Side
by: Anonymous

In short, don't buy this model, ours has been making loud knocking sounds since we got it, Sears and Samsung service persons say it is normal. The noise sounds like someone is breaking into out house at night. Pretty normal for Sear and Samsung. Stay away from Samsung brand.

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