Liebherr Refrigerators

German Engineering and European Design at its Best

Liebherr Refrigerators are recognized as some of the highest quality, most innovative refrigerators on the market today. The Liebherr corporation is a specialist in refrigeration and freezer technology worldwide.

They are constantly upgrading and updating their models to introduce new ways to keep your food as fresh as possible.

Liebherr has been making refrigerators for over 50 years and they use a unique combination of Trendsetting Materials and Classic Lines which give these high end refrigerators a truly unique identity.

Liebherr uses European sensibility and styling in combination with the best of German engineering. These refrigerators are a tangible expression of superior quality that consumers have come to expect in a Liebherr Refrigerator.

Liebherr Refrigerators are Environmentally Friendly

Usually when you think of a high end product of any sort, the very last thing you take into account is that it might be energy efficient. Liebherr has not only been a champion of environmental causes, but they have been leading the way toward making sure that every product they produce leaves as little a carbon footprint as possible.

Not only was Liebherr the first manufacturer in the world to convert all its upright refrigerators to be CFC Free (back in 1993), but they are currently leading the way by having its entire existing product line either meeting or exceeding the guidelines for Energy Star Ratings.

That makes them the ONLY manufacturer in North America to achieve these standards.

And as of 2007, Liebherr Refrigerators are also the ONLY refrigerators from any manufacturer that comply with the RoHS compliance (RoHS stands for the "Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment")

Unique Features of Liebherr Refrigerators

Liebherr isn't just unique when it comes to their exterior design, there are a number of internal features that really make this refrigerator brand one of the best refrigerator brands available.

  • SoftSystem Door Closure
    Nothing is more annoying when the refrigerator door slams shut. These units have a patented door closure system that makes sure the door closes gently -- even when you TRY to slam it shut!

  • LED Light Columns
    A number of North American refrigerator brands suffer from bulky interior lighting systems that sacrifice space in the name of lighting the interior. Liebherr has solved this problem by installing LED Light Columns into the interior walls of the refrigerator.

    There are two benefits to these columns: 1) The first is that the lighting is much more uniform making it really easy to access what you need. And 2) LED can be rather harsh lighting, but Liebherr has used a special satin finish over the top of the light cover which makes it a much more pleasant lighting experience.

  • BioFresh
    The BioFresh option from Liebherr is an important part of making sure your produce, meats and fish stay fresh for as long as possible. As foods breakdown because of improper refrigeration, the vitamin content and nutritional value deteriorate as well.

    With the BioFresh Option, your food will retain their vitamins, aroma and appearance for up to 3x longer than in most other major appliance brand refrigerators. BioFresh also helps to maintain the ideal humidity which gives your food the longest storage life possible.

All three of these features add a great deal more value to any fridge.

Types of Liebherr Refrigerators

The Liebherr brand is definitely a higher end brand, but the money you spend on a Liebherr Refrigerator will definitely provide you with one of the best refrigerators you'll ever own.

There are number of different model types. Here are just a few:

  • Built In Refrigerators

The built-in refrigerator freezer units mostly come with reversible door hinges and can be easily integrated into any existing kitchen decor and layout.

Many of these refrigerators have customized panels to make sure your fridge seamlessly blends into your existing kitchen.

  • Freestanding Refrigerator
  • Liebherr offers up one of the widest variety of Freestanding Appliances from any refrigerator manufacturer.

    From 24" to a whopping 60" unit, you're bound to find combination of exterior width, combined with a smart interior design that maximizes your particular space requirements.

    Fully Integrated Refrigerator

    In custom kitchens, you want to make sure your appliance blends into the style as much as possible, so a Fully Integrated Refrigerator unit is probably your best choice.

    These units fit harmoniously into an existing kitchen's design palate. Liebherr makes a great effort to ensure that their refrigerator models are well concealed behind cabinet doors and other design elements.

    Wine Refrigerators

    Liebherr has one of the best selections of high end Wine Refrigerators of any refrigerator manufacturer. Ranging in widths from 24"-26" and bottle storage from as little as 18 to as many as 143.

    Liebherr is definitely a brand for wine connoisseurs to consider as they are also one of the best engineered wine refrigerators available on the market today.

    If a high end refrigerator is what you're in the market for, then Liebherr is definitely one to consider. You may also want to check out other high end brands such as SubZero, Viking, or Gaggenau. All are very high quality, high end brands and each provides its own unique set of features.

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