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Save Money While Saving the Planet

Most consumers are looking to save with an Energy Star Refrigerator in more ways than one. While the idea of trying to save the planet by using less energy and less water is a very valiant one and a true concern, Energy Star appliances can also save you a great deal of money.

You may find that an Energy Star appliances tend to cost a bit more than others but what you need to remember when looking at the price tag is the savings on both your energy and water bills. These appliances are made with newer technologies that allow them to use anywhere from 10-50% less water and energy than those that don’t have the Energy Star rating.

The easiest way to know an appliance you are looking at fits in this category is by looking for the Energy Star Logo. This will tell you that this appliance uses 10-50% less water and energy and will save you money -- while helping us all save the planet!

If you're ready to start looking at the refrigerator models available, then just click here to go to our Energy Star Fridge Reviews page. Here you will find dozens of Energy Star rated refrigerators to choose from.

How Much Is Your Old Fridge Costing You?

You may think that by holding on to your old fridge and not buying a new one you are saving yourself money but that may not be the case.

In reality most fridges made before 1993 cost over $100 to operate every year. If you were to replace it with an Energy Star appliance and your costs would be cut in half. What’s even more surprising is that if your refrigerator is from the 1970’s it’s using four times more energy than a new Energy Star Refrigerator and costing you FOUR TIMES the amount of electricity.

(We'd bet you’re asking yourself how old your refrigerator is now.)

4 Ways To Save with Energy Star

  1. Energy Bill Savings: The US Dept of Energy requires that models with the energy star logo use 20% less energy than those with out it. You’ll be happy to note that this is really the bare minimum and many companies have far exceeded this number to a 40-50% reduction in energy costs.

  2. Energy Company Rebates: When you purchase an energy Star rated refrigerator most energy companies across the US offer rebates. Check to see what kind of rebates your local energy company offers.

  3. New Features Equal More Savings: In buying an Energy Star refrigerator you’ll find that there are many new features made specifically to keep food fresher, longer than before.

  4. Save the Environment: Close to 70% of the electricity is made from coal and natural gas, which in turn causes a release of greenhouse gas. It’s these gases going into our atmosphere that help to cause the issues with global warming. When you purchase an Energy Star Refrigerator it uses less energy which in turn allows you to decrease your carbon footprint and your impact on our environment.

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