Coils Freeze Up in Our Samsung Refrigerator - Model RS263BBWP Side by Side w/ Dual Cooling

by JR

There is definitely a design flaw in Samsung refrigerators that cause the coils to freeze up.

The last time this happened the Samsung repairman did not know how to fix this problem and admitted he didn't know much about the Samsung brand. How reassuring!

He just poured warm water over the coils to defrost them!

I believe this situation is no different from an automobile recall but of course Samsung would never admit there is a widespread problem with their coils freezing. The coil just froze again so I am forced to get out the ice chests and wait for a week or so until the next serviceman appears.

They make pretty good TV's - why can't they make a decent refrigerator?!?!

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May 07, 2022
Clip solution stopped working NEW
by: Anonymous

I replaced the clip as instructed and for a while all was well. It seemed to definitely correct the issue in the freezer. But the past few months the refrigerator coils are freezing over again, though I can see the drain is not clogged. I’m wonder if damage to the styrofoam insulation from pulling the back panel off when it was frozen over is now letting humid air accumulate. I have no idea but am so frustrated. We have a very limited location for our fridge and this model is the only I have found that will fit other than dropping down to a small 12 cu ft model. I would love to find a permanent solution but have no idea what to try now.

Aug 22, 2021
did this an no problem for over a year NEW
by: Gary S

I had the freeze up and couldn't figure out a solution until I watched this video:

It describes the issue in detail and instruct you how to replace the part once you have purchased it from amazon.

I have had absolutely no issues since replacing it over a year ago.

Try it!

Aug 14, 2021
Dissatisfied NEW
by: Anonymous

I constantly have to unplug my refrigerator and let it defrost.... not happy

Jul 10, 2021
update on fix
by: Allen Wilson

After 3 months after removing the water staurated foam, I had a small freeze up problem. The freeze up was around the supply lines, I added aluminum backed insulated tape around all this lines. 6 months later no freeze up issues.

Jul 09, 2021
There IS a solution NEW
by: Anonymous

I tried the recommendation from the September 22, 2020 and I haven’t had any issues since. The part stops the drain freeze. The 6:34 mark shows the replacement piece.

Before giving up, try it!

Jul 09, 2021
Samsung frozen fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem what a piece of won't get another dime of my money.

Jun 13, 2021
Samsung twin cooling plus refrigerator freezing up
by: Anonymous

Our samsung dual has been freezing up since after the first year we bought it. The design flaw is that the thermostat and heating coil are not adequate. As we speak my husband has bought an add’l heater and copper wire so we can heat drain hole and around fan better.
We typically have to completely unliad frig and freezer,, take off panel in back( after it becomes unfrozen so we do not force it, put mega sponges down to capture melting ice as drain hole is plugged and then soak up all water till ice is gone and fan is free spunning again.
Yes, I’d say Samsung has a design flaw and that they should fix it by moving thermostat and add another heating element placed where it might actually work.
They have denied any assistance in repairing this flaw or that it actually exists.
What is ironic is that we have to keep moving our food back into our 30 year kitchenaid refrigerator in garage .
The fan is freezing currently about 1X per 2 months.
Hopefully this fix will work on our $2000 frig.

May 27, 2021
Fix for my issue NEW
by: Rick

Wanted to add to this. Couldn't figure out why our fridge functioned completely fine for years then out of the blue it started freezing up. Lair of ice under the freezer and behind panel on fridge. having to defrost every couple months I have recently purchased the clips for the evaporator coil behind the panel haven't installed them yet decided to take the back panel off and clean the coil at the back. Lots of dust preventing it from operating efficiently. In doing this I believe I have determined exactly what the issue is. there are two rubber drain hoses one for the freezer and one for the fridge The hoses that direct to the drip tray when I removed them and inspected them, they were plugged completely with grunge this would explain why it only took two months before the the unit started freezing up again. Water doesn't drain overtime it backs up in the tubes water gets the top and freezes blocking hole. Be sure to check this if you're having this problem. I guarantee this is root cause. Cheers!!!

May 11, 2021
Evaporator Ice Build Up
by: J. Schoenauer

We bought the Samsung refridgerator model
RF28HFEDBSR 2014. the first year we had Ice Maker problems. Now the Evaporator Unit froze solid.
There is no Cosumer protection, a Company like Samsung should stand up look after there customers.
There is a major design problem with the defrosting
part on the inside behind the back panel of the fridge.
"Samsung" you designed a piece garbage and should
fix it.
To avoid more problems we bought a Whirpool
model WRX735SDHZ

May 05, 2021
by: B. Olson

BUY THIS from AMAZON and take your tiny one off ...clip this on the coil by the drain hole so it extends way farther into the hole! DONE

Enterpark DA61-06796A (1 Piece) Clip Drain Samsung

This will work with ANY Samsung fridge.

Apr 28, 2021
water and ice build up NEW
by: Anonymous

I will never by this junk of Samsung again, It started with ice maker and Ice and water build up in however when I report the issue they were concerned with Ice maker only which they eventually replaced. we have been dealing with the ice and water since.

Apr 25, 2021
Samsung Refrigerator Model RF28HFEDBSR not cooling NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought this refrigerator in 2015 within the firs six months ice maker frozen up call they replaced it next year did it again now it’s out of warranty. Ice maker freezes about every three weeks and you have take a hair dryer to melt the ice. Now fan is making terrible nose come to find out the twin cooling air is frozen and leaking water to the bottom of vegetable tray. Samsung does not want to help but to send repair guy to charge you more money.
Tell all your family and friends spend their money on another brand don’t buy Samsung.

Feb 23, 2021
Junk NEW
by: Randy Fugate

Samsung, Send it back to China or Japan it’s junk. No consumer protection in the USA anymore. $2000+ You'd think you would get something that worked properly..

Jan 25, 2021
Possible solution to keep drain hole from freezing NEW
by: Anonymous

ISSUE: Ice forms inside the Twin Cooler in Samsung refrigerators, causing problems such as 1) freeze/thaw cycle that puddles water under the chiller drawer, 2) temperature too high to keep groceries from going bad prematurely, and 3) possible reduction of total useable lifespan of refrigerator.
ROOT CAUSE: It seems the drain hole freezing over is one of the root causes of ice forming inside the Twin Cooler in Samsung refrigerators. It is believed the drain hole freezes because the aluminum device attached to the heating element is insufficient to keep water in the drain hole and collection basin from freezing.
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I took apart the Twin Cooler, thawed all of the ice inside the styrofoam unit, the tubing on the inside of the refrigerator, and the drain hole itself. Note: Running the Manual Defrost cycle helped, an electric hairdryer helped, running hot water through the Twin Cooler helped, and using a turkey baster with boiling water over and over to thaw the drain hole helped. I took off the factory installed aluminum heat transfer part, and wrapped two copper wires (I got the wire from romex 14ga copper house wire) around the heating element five times each, and extended them deeply into the drain hole. I wish I could attach a picture. Copper is a great conductor, and I think getting the two wires deeper into the drain hole will help to keep it from ever freezing again.
DISCLAIMER: I performed this repair yesterday, so I'm not sure if it will work well in the long run. Take this advice at your own discretion. Also, there could be other reasons the refrigerator is freezing, but I am hopeful this will at least prevent the drain hole from freezing again. Lastly, there is a larger aluminum heat conductor part on Amazon that is specifically made to replace the small, ineffective factory part. It is less than $10, and reviews seem to indicate it is an effective solution to keep the drain hole from freezing. Here is the link:

Jan 05, 2021
Found the real problem
by: Allen Wilson

Ok, after fighting with this refrigerator(RF28) for several years now, trying every ones fixes and still having the freeze up problem and it getting worse. This time when I took it apart, I noticed the aluminum plate would not warm up, it was still colder than the fridge after it had set out for an hour. mmmm... Ok, lets take that apart. After removing the screws to the fan and the aluminum tape, there was still ice inside. Ran some hot water through it. Plate still frozen cold. Removed plate and the foam piece attached. removed foam from plate. it was frozen inside. yes water had penetrated it and it was saturated. I weighed that piece of foam and it should have weighed about an ounce, it weighed 11 ounces! So I was able to use a hair dryer to take about 5 ounces out or it over a few hours, but that was not enough... still had water embedded in it. While I was doing this, with the cover out, fridge was working perfectly. getting cold building some ice and defrosting perfectly with no cover at all! So I installed the whole thing without that piece of water logged foam and used aluminum tape to seal off the channel so the airway was the same, but bigger. Running now for 24 hours just perfectly. It now makes sense, the foam gets water impregnated over and freezes solid. That stops the defrost cycle from working correctly. This happens about 3 to 4 years into ownership so it takes that long to screw up the foam. I ordered a new part for $120(whole cover), but I am starting to think I dont need it at all. Just take out that crappy piece of foam. I have a youtube on it.

Dec 25, 2020
Samsung fridge problems NEW
by: Anonymous

NEVER buy another samsung fridge

Dec 20, 2020
Coil freezing fix NEW
by: Anonymous

I got thin pipe wrap tape and wrapped all the tubing when it had defrosted and was dry. I did a couple layers then covered everything with foil tape and put back together. It's lasted a couple months so far. It had froze up 2 or 3 times before that recently. May be worth a try for you guys. My door seals were fine and had no other issues. I moved the temp sensor once and that never helped either.

Dec 19, 2020
Refrigerator model RF28HFEDTSR NEW
by: Marvin Piwonka

I I bought this frig. Back in 2015 worked great for 2yrs. Then we noticed the frig portion was at 50°F. Investigated possible causes and found I need to manually defrost removing the panel in side. Not an easy task as it was completely frozen to the coils. Months later happened again and again.Then noted this was happening after we had a short power outage. So every power cuts in and out we go through the whole tear down defrost and through out food. Today call Samsung they said they would have to send service billed to me in order for them to fix the issue. I explained by that time I'd loose $100 in food. So wanted to defrost myself to save the food. He said this the only way to know these a problem. I explained Samsung knows what the issue is a d I just wanted Samsung to do something about it. Hung up and defrost my frig for probably the 15th time. I'll be replacing this frig but not with Samsung ever again.

Dec 03, 2020
Refrigerator freezes
by: Trina french

I bought a frost free SAMSUNG refrigerator
The ice maker gets covered with ice. Ice is coming out the holes in the inside box back.
It causes a loud rattling noise. I have to defrost it about every month. I s
houldnt have to do this on a frost free. Their should be a recall on it.

Oct 26, 2020
Rf266aabp NEW
by: Anonymous

Trouble with refrigerator portion freezing the food.
Read several wines we’re having the same problem.
Tried fixes recommended and tilted the refrigerator back so the front wheels were off the ground and put a level on the top to Insure box was tilted slightly to the rear of the unit. Also lowered the freezer from-8 to -6 and refrigerator from 32 to 34.
So far so good - not sure which changes were the fix but both made a difference

Oct 14, 2020
Same problem - think i found the issue NEW
by: Anonymous

We took possession of this fridge when we bought our house. It is seven years old. It froze up four times in the first six months. I couldn't figure out the issue, so we bought a new fridge and moved this fridge to the basement as a beer fridge. I figured i could defrost it when it froze over. Interestingly it hasn't frozen over since. The difference? The ice maker and water dispenser aren't hooked up. My theory is that the ice maker is producing too much internal moisture. Try disabling the ice maker and see how it goes.

Sep 25, 2020
Coils/fan freeze and fridge stops cooling NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had several repairs on this issue. Coils freeze along with the fan and my fridge stops cooling. 3 1/2 yr old fridge I payed over a thousand dollars for and I have had nothing but problems with and allot of lost money on food . I Called samsung to see if they could refund me something for their defected product they continue to sell and being that I now have to buy another refrigerator because my current cannot do its job and they pretty much told me oh well.. after I told them this is a known issue and I have read many complaints on this and they won't do anything to make it right? They told me i shouldn't believe everything i read on the internet and they could refer me to a samsung service tech to what?? pay more money yet?? Thanks samsung for lousy customer care reps, not standing by your product or caring about your customers.. for over priced products that do not even compare to the rest.. lost this customer. That's for sure...

Sep 24, 2020
Samsung Junk in Jamaica NEW
by: Jerome

Samsung is a disaster. My 4yrs 26 cu ft started freezing up and after three repairs I got rid ot it

The 65inch samsung TV lasted 2 years before back-lights went

I will never ever buy another ssmsung product

Sep 22, 2020
Ice/freezing issues with Samsung fridge. NEW
by: Anonymous

Ice forming around fan area above evaporator coils.
I’ve tried absolutely everything imaginable.

There is no fix. Had to buy a new fridge and concede.

Sep 22, 2020
The defect has a simple fix
by: Anonymous

There are several videos on YouTube that describe the primary problems that cause the drain to be plugged.

Here is one:

After clearing the drain and buying a longer drain evaporator (on Amazon), I have been good to go!

Too bad Samsung doesn't tell you that their drain evaporator is too short!

Aug 20, 2020
Finally solved this problem NEW
by: Anonymous

The coils on my Samsung fridge would need thawed once every 6-18 months, which is really frustrating. The solution is removing the back panel inside of the fridge after letting it thaw overnight. Make sure all of the coils are thawed. Here is the part that permanently fixed the problem: below the coils is a small drain hole that also fills with ice. This hole takes about 2 days to thaw. If you dont let this thaw, you will be doing this over and over. I poured hot water down this hole until I heard the ice break through. I then took a bare piece of copper wire and stuck it about 8 inches down the drain hole and attached the other end to the heating element just above the hole by wrapping the wire around it a few times. The element will heat the wire and the wire will keep the hole melted. Now put it all back together.

Aug 19, 2020
Samsung Sucks NEW
by: Pjs100

Our " newer " Samsung side by side requires monthly disassembly, and defrosting on the refrigerator side. Oh what joy. Never buy a Samsung again!
Model RS25H5111BC/AA

Aug 15, 2020
Pissed off NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the French Door Samsung Fridge Model # RF220NCTASR. It’s not even 4 years old and it’s not working at all in the fridge upper part. The freezer is fine. I have read about this problem over and over. From what I’ve read it affects many different models. This is obscene that they are allowed to keep selling them! I’ve gone as high as I can to Samsung and they DENY that there is a problem.

Jul 10, 2020
I fixed mine!
by: Randie K.

Okay, I have had the problem with my Samsung fridge coils freezing and my ice maker freezing over for about 2 years now. I have read every solution and tried them all. I still had to open up the cover and manually defrost with a hairdryer. I was wondering how there would be so much moisture inside to create so much ice. I finally decided to check the seal around the fridge. It was fine. Then, when standing on a chair checking the top seal I noticed a big gap in the middle between the french doors.
It turns out that the little flap door that is attached to the left french door was missing the special cap at the top that flipped it closed when you close the door. It stayed open all the time leaving an unoticable gap between the doors. I ordered the replacement cap and spring. Now my fridge is 100% fixed. I am sure this is the problem for most people. Just start manually closing the flap until your parts arrive. I hope this fixes it for you.

Jul 03, 2020
by: Anonymous

I've had my Samsung fridge for 5 years now and it started freezing up after having it for 2 years. # years and hundreds of dollars wasted on this piece of crap! I'm throwing it out and getting a Whirlpool this time around. Will never buy ANYTHING Samsung again!

May 09, 2020
Samsung evaporator and fan freezing FIX
by: Anonymous

1) 1st make sure the condenser coil in the rear bottom of the fridge is clear and clean. Take cover off, and clean.

2) this is what was wrong with my fridge and probably yours and before this I tried and did absolutely everything. And it’s simple. The doors on the fridge were not sealing correctly and needed to be raised up slightly less than 1/2 inch. Just the slight allowance of constant warm air was enough to over work the system, cause condensation and freezing which the defrost portion of the fridge could not keep up with.
MAKE SURE YOUR DOORS ARE EVEN, AND OR RAISE THEM. Works prefect problem solved.

Jan 31, 2020
by: Anonymous

I have read that raising the front so that the wheels are off the ground may help, so you might try that...BUT the fix that worked for me was spraying the copper tubing part of the condenser coil with an "anti-sweat pipe condensation spray". Theres several brands, its an aerosol can that sprays an insulating coating not much thicker than spray paint. Its meant for use on condensation coils on air conditioners and freezers/refrigerators. Cover as best as you can...the rear of the coil is tough to get to. I used to have to take a hair dryer to the coil once a month to defrost because the fan was getting obstructed. So far its been 4 months and no ice build up.

Dec 31, 2019
RS263TDBP stinks with the freezing! NEW
by: Fort Worth TX

Second time my refrigerator has frozen in three months, and boy, the things I have discovered! 1) Home warranty companies ( at least First American) TELLS repair techs to NEVER report that a fridge is irreparable and needing replacement because those $75 service calls are their bread and butter (in addition to the $65/mo membership). 2)Samsung will not declare this freezing issue a manufacturer defect...altho it is. 3) Get away from Samsung as fast as you can. 4)Get in writing from the warranty company WHAT/WHEN specific REPLACEMENT services they offer BEFORE you purchase their membership. Don't just settle for the contract guide they send you, make them be specific.

Dec 04, 2019
Crap refrgerator NEW
by: Erwin stefan

This fridge is a disaster. 4 yes old. Fridge needs To be defrosted again. Major job. Ice. Maker froze a few weeks ago. Second time for fan icing up in back panel. Ice maker messes up a lot. Would never buy a fridge from Samsung again. Hope the lawsuit makes them admit mistakes and makes good.

Nov 06, 2019
Refrigerator 24 degrees. NEW
by: Anonymous

Very Unhappy. 4 years and 5 service calls, this will be the third service on this unit for the same problem. The refrigerator just all of a sudden goes to well below freezing. We just had it serviced 8 weeks ago for the same problem. And now it’s freezing again. Never buying Samsung again.

Oct 10, 2019
same issues here NEW
by: Ann

Our repair man told of this lawsuit yesterday I am stunned!! our fridge looks brand new and is now worthless
we need to replace it

Aug 18, 2019
Coils freeze up
by: Anthony

We have a samsung French door
The first year and half we had no problems. After that it began to ice up behind the back panel. Now we have to defrost it every couple months. We have checked to make sure unit is sitting level and plumb with good air circulation. Problem continues. We will try a repair service next. We have owned this frig for 4.5 yrs. Very disappointed, customer service was no help at all.
Stay away from this product.

Apr 14, 2019
Samsung refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

I have model RF24FSEDBSR/AA. Have had it for 18 months and it is freezing up. I don't understand why Home Depot is still selling these as It seems there is a definite problem with them will never buy Samsung appliances again and will certainly tell everyone I know to avoid them.

Dec 21, 2018
Design flaw NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought a Samsung fridge and started having issues with the coils freezing up and the fan unable to circulate cool air which requires every 3 months unplugging the fridge for the day to defrost the build up. Contacted Samsung and they do not care.
Fridge was 3 years old and we had to purchase a new one.
We did have Samsung Service but nothing was done to fix the issue as it’s a design flaw. Don’t buy Samsung they do not back their product.

Dec 03, 2018
Stop your coil from freezing NEW
by: jimmy

Hi to all you Samsung refrigerator owners. For the past year or two my coil has been freezing up about every 2 to 3 weeks. I have found that the heater is working and sending water down under my crisper. Now after this melting of the coil water builds up at the bottom of the coil and then freezes because the little metal piece is not long enough to keep the drain hole open. What i did is loosen the heater coil and pull it all the way down to the bottom of the metal cover at the bottom. The coil is touching the metal cover at the bottom and the little metal piece is now deep in the drain hole. I have not had any water under the crisper for 3 weeks now and no fan noise. Also not sure this made a difference but i took the white sensor an attached it to the pipe to the left of the original position. Good luck Samsung frig owners. Jimmy

Dec 03, 2018
Stop your coil from freezing NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi to all you Samsung refrigerator owners. For the past year or two my coil has been freezing up about every 2 to 3 weeks. I have found that the heater is working and sending water down under my crisper. Now after this melting of the coil water builds up at the bottom of the coil and then freezes because the little metal piece is not long enough to keep the drain hole open. What i did is loosen the heater coil and pull it all the way down to the bottom of the metal cover at the bottom. The coil is touching the metal cover at the bottom and the little metal piece is now deep in the drain hole. I have not had any water under the crisper for 3 weeks now and no fan noise. Also not sure this made a difference but i took the white sensor an attached it to the pipe to the left of the original position. Good luck Samsung frig owners. Jimmy

Nov 09, 2018
My "freeze up" happened twice within one year NEW
by: Josie Raimondi

I am a property manager. This happened in November 2017 and is now happening in November 2018. I had to call about 7 appliance repair places to find one who would come out and give me an opinion. Two of them, when asked, said they would never buy Samsung and suggested a Whirlpool refrigerator. The man who fixed it the first time (in 2017) said he no longer will work on Samsung appliances because they are so faulty. Scares me...I have a Samsung in my own home, but if it starts giving me problems, I'm going to replace it with a Whirlpool ASAP.

Apr 19, 2017
Same Samsung Refrigerator Problem
by: Steve P

I have the RS25H5111SR side by side dual cooling. Mine started freezing up after 18 months, I thawed it and it is freezing up again, ie going warm.

Our milk has spoiled 3 times as well as other food. The even worse part is that I called Samsung, they gave me a service ticket and then emailed me that they cancelled it. This happened twice.

The compressor is still under warranty, but I guess they won't service there equipment if only part is under warranty.

LESS than 1 STAR for Samsung frig.

Dec 22, 2014
rf 197acpn
by: Anonymous

the RF197 acpn model does not defrost. Have to manually defrost every 4 weeks or so.

Samsung has told me it is out of warranty so they won't repair it without a fee.

Also, my Samsung range oven model fx 510 bgs had a failed oven safety valve and flooded my home with gas.

Luckily I did not blow up, and I MEAN LUCKILY.
Its amazing what advertising can sell.

As for me I am done with Samsung

Oct 10, 2014
Samsung RF197ACPN frozen coil in fridge
by: Peter

This model Samsung has the same problem, the refrigerator coils freez and then water enter the fridge at the back below the coil. I would recommend never buying a Samsung refrigerator.

Jul 01, 2011
No Refund For Me...
by: Anonymous

You can't get a refund unless it's within the 1yr warranty and my refrigerator was 15 months old.

Jul 01, 2011
Get a refund ---
by: Anonymous

If you have had issues with this refrigerator with the coils freezing in the refrigerator side I urge you to stay on top of it with Samsung Corp office.

I jumped through all the hoops - had one of their recommended service companies come & try to fix. They reported back that the fridge was not able to be repaired.

I have been issued a voucher back to Best Buy for the original purchase amount to buy another refrigerator.

It is worth going exactly by their recommended steps. I will buy another Samsung because I feel they have taken care of me.

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Jan 04, 2011
Samsung Class Action Lawsuit
by: Justin M.

There is a Class Action lawsuit forming against Samsung for the 'coil freezing' issue. Just google Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit and contact one of the attorneys listed.

I had the 2530 model and it started freezing over after 1 year. Samsung is doing nothing about this. In fact, they are still selling models with the same design flaw, so I expect thousands of buyers have this problem, probably a lot more!

Samsung will be forced to recognize their design flaw.

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