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Dozens and Dozens of Stainless Refrigerator Reviews

When we started putting our Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews together we realized that the less is more theory doesn't apply when you are looking for a refrigerator.

You want to make sure you've seen everything that might work for you and your needs before you spend the money on what should be a purchase that should last you at least a dozen years. This page provides you one central location to check out all of the stainless steel refrigerator reviews we have on our site.

You are more than welcome to scroll down and click on any of the links below or you can click on any of the brand names below to drop you down to all of the stainless steel refrigerator reviews in that brand.

By the way, if you have any reviews you would like to add on any refrigerators, please feel free to email them us at We would love to post them for all of the others out there looking for their perfect fridge.

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews by Brand

Here's a list of stainless refrigerator reviews, you can just click on any of the links below which will take you directly to that refrigerator review.

Amana Stainless Steel Refrigerators

In the Amana line of stainless steel refrigerators you will find that they are stainless across the board. Many other brands create "look-a-like" finishes but Amana does not.

Click here for more Amana Reviews

Bosch Stainless Steel Refrigerators

When you consider a high quality brand such as Bosch for a refrigerator it really is a given that they only make a stainless steel version of their products - no faux stainless here. Take a look at the stainless steel refrigerator reviews below.

Click here for more Bosch Reviews

Dacor Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

Again, Dacor is another very high quality brand that only creates true stainless steel refrigerators.

Click here for more Dacor Reviews

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

While the refrigerators we've reviewed below are all true stainless steel, they also make a stainless looking finish that they call Silver Mist. While it is an economical solution to getting a stainless refrigerator, it tends to look more like a finish than the real thing which is why we chose not to review it.

Click here for more Frigidaire Reviews

Gaggenau Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

This is one more premium brand that will never make a finish that "looks like" stainless -- only the real deal here and considering the price, you'd expect nothing less.

  1. Gaggenau RC472700 Freezerless Refrigerator 30" Column with Stainless Steel Interior

Click here for more Gaggenau Reviews

GE Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

GE chose to create a line of appliances that they call CleanSteel™ to allow for a much easier clean up with a magnetic surface. They also do make a stainless steel line of products as well.

Click here for more GE Reviews

Jenn Air Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

This line of refrigerators also rates very highly in quality as well as in price, two very big reasons why you will only find stainless steel refrigerators by Jenn-Air. They are also quite often 'panel ready' which means they are made of stainless steel but are quite often covered with panels to look like cabinets.

Click here for more Jenn Air Reviews

Kenmore Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

To allow for everyone to afford their very reliable brand, Kenmore has come up with not only stainless versions of their refrigerators, they have also created an Ultra Satin finish that has a similar appearance to stainless.

Click here for more Kenmore Reviews

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

KitchenAid makes a few different finishes depending on which finish best suits your needs.

Click here for more KitchenAid Reviews

LG Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

The two different variations that LG makes are a stainless and a titanium finish. The titanium appears to be a bit more smokey grey than the cleaner brighter color of the stainless one though both are quite pretty. Here's a few stainless steel refrigerator reviews to help you better understand the difference.

Click here for more LG Reviews

Maytag Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

In our reviews we've found that Maytag makes three different versions of their stainless: Stainless Steel, Satina and Silver Satin.

Click here for more Maytag Reviews

Samsung Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

Not very different than LG, Samsung makes two different metallic finishes for their refrigerators: Stainless and Platinum. Though in this case, the Platinum appears to be brighter than the Stainless. From what we've seen it's really a matter of personal preference because both are very beautiful. Here are stainless steel refrigerator reviews of both finishes.

Click here for more Samsung Reviews

Viking Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

Of course Viking only makes solid Stainless Steel refrigerators - with this brand you'd expect nothing less.

Whirlpool Stainless Steel Reviews

To clarify the finishes you will see below, Whirlpool makes refrigerators in both a true Stainless Steel version and a Satina stainless look alike version.

  • Whirlpool Top Freezer Stainless Steel Refrigerators

    1. Whirlpool Gold GR2FHTXT 21.7 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer - Stainless Steel

    2. Whirlpool GR2FHMXP 21.7 Top Freezer - Stainless Steel

    Click here for more Whirlpool Reviews

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