Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator Review

26 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer with External Water Dispenser and Ice Maker – Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The Samsung RF267AERS French Door refrigerator is one of the more popular in the Samsung line.

It's affordable, nicely appointed and with its 26 Cubic Foot interior, it's large enough for a typical family of five.

If you're on a budget, but still looking for a model that feels higher end, this Samsung French Door Fridge might be exactly what you've been looking for. Because along with its capacity, the styling goes a long way on this model and it's a popular choice among consumers.

Capacity: 26 cu. ft. overall. 17.4 in the Refrigerator and 8.1 cu. ft. in the Freezer.

Notable Features:

  1. The Twin Cooling System®: The Twin Cooling System is unique to Samsung and provides separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and for the freezer. No longer do you need to worry about odor transfer from one unit to the next. With two evaporators (working with one compressor), you also can better manage humidity levels in either area.

    Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator

  2. Surround Air Flow: Should seem like a given to have a refrigerator that provides even temperatures throughout the refrigerator, but this is one model that can legitimately make that claim thanks to the Surround Air Flow feature.

  3. EZ-Open Handle™: The EZ Open Handle makes opening the freezer drawer that much easier -- so much so that even a small child can do it. (Which can be a good thing or a bad thing). In a lot of French Door Refrigerator models, the freezer drawer tends to stick due to the temperature variances that occur when opening and closing the drawer. The EZ Open Handle solves that problem by insulating the latch allowing easy operation.

  4. Design/Style: As a stainless steel french door refrigerator, the RF267AERS is already ahead of the game when it comes to styling. But it is enhanced with the contoured handles, concealed hinges and the modern look of the Blue LED external lighting. It's a definite compliment to any existing kitchen decor.

  5. External Water Dispenser and Ice Maker: There aren't a huge number of French Door Refrigerator models that have external water and ice dispensers, especially at this price point. It's a bonus feature you just can't say enough about.

Samsung RF267AERS Video Review!

Colors:This model is ONLY available in stainless steel.

Efficiency: It's Energy Star rated with an annual estimated energy usage of 519kWh per year -- which is approximately $52 per year in energy costs.

MSRP: It has an MSRP of $2399.00 but with rebates and a little searching online, we've found it for less than $2,000.

Similar Models to Samsung RF267AERS French Door Refrigerator

Samsung makes some really interesting french door and bottom freezer refrigerators, if this model doesn't fit your needs, take a look at the three models below to see if another Samsung fridge might be the right one for you:

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