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Here are the Models of GE Refrigerators We Recommend!

The GE French Door Refrigerators are some of the most popular in the entire General Electric Refrigerator line. French Door Refrigerators in general have recently become all the rage and add a new look to any kitchen.

And actually for more than a few good reasons:

  1. Convenience: Having the refrigerator on the top it becomes very easy to find what you are looking for.

  2. Full Width Refrigerator: Side by Side Refrigerators offer access but they are very narrow. French door configuration will hold wide items like platters in both the fridge and freezer.

  3. Added Features: Most single door bottom freezer refrigerators don't have such as an ice maker and water dispenser but this is a common option with French door refrigerators.

The GE French Door Refrigerators are some of the better quality refrigerators on the market. Although they aren't the cheapest in this particular category (that would be LG), General Electric Refrigerators still provide great value.

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5 GE French Door Refrigerator Models We Recommend

There are only a few GE French Door Refrigerators (also referred to in the General Electric Refrigerator line as Bottom Freezer Refrigerators)available today.

Knowing this we've managed to narrow down your choices by choosing only the cream of the crop. We also wanted to add in a few GE Profile refrigerators to look at as this brand of GE really specializes in French doors.

The following models not only got a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars in our own testing process, but also have great word of mouth from numerous consumers. Here are the models we recommend:

1. GE French Door Refrigerator GFSS6KEXSS
OVERVIEW: If you need a good quality French door refrigerator that can update your kitchen plus comes with a lot of storage then this is a must read. It has enough room for a household of 4 people (possibly more) that don’t need an ice and water dispenser. It’s a beautiful French door at a great price. Read the full review.
Rating: .75

1. GE French Door Refrigerator GFSL6KKYLS
OVERVIEW: This is a great middle of the line French door refrigerator with a huge amount of space for storage and an ice/water dispenser.

We were happily surprised that GE was able to include a door alarm and dual evaporators to keep things fresher for longer. The sleek styling ads a great deal to any kitchen. Read the full review.

Rating: .75

3. GE PFSS6PKXSS GE Profile 25.1 Cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer

Overall: This particular model was one of the strongest standouts among the consumers we surveyed with lots of really interesting features. Here's a few of the things that we really liked about this model:

  • This refrigerator has High-Gloss, Contoured Doors with Sculptured Handles and Top and Bottom Bevels. The bevels add a dramatic look and touch of personal style to any kitchen.

  • The External Water Dispenser with TurboCool™ Setting provides chilled, filtered water any time. It also displays the actual internal temperature of the refrigerator!

  • The Freshness Center™ utilizes two humidity-controlled drawers and 1 full-length drawer for large storage which is extremely convenient.

  • Lastly, the BrightSpace™ Interior with GE Reveal™ Lighting manages to cast a natural-looking glow throughout the refrigerator; even in the freezer!

  • Almost forgot, make sure you look for the three fold basket organization system in the freezer which helps keeps all its contents organized and within easy reach.

MSRP: $2599.00 is the what GE suggests but take a look at the huge savings we've found below. That's what it's selling for right now!

4. The GE PGCS1NFZSS Profile Counter-Depth 20.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator:

Overall: This GE Profile French door 4 door Refrigerator has the features and looks of the much more expensive GE Monogram models, but you can pick up this model for a lot less than it's MSRP (read below).

It is a Counter-Depth refrigerator which makes it look built-in, almost completely flush with surrounding cabinets. Best of all the top freezer drawer follows the line of your counter top, making it seamless.

Here's a few more things that we thought you might want to know:

  • This model features Stainless Steel Contoured Doors and Sculptured Handles with Top and Bottom Bevels which offer up a dramatic look and touch of personal style to any kitchen.
  • The External Water Dispenser with TurboCool™ Setting allows you to get chilled, filtered water any time. Also, it displays the actual internal temperature of the refrigerator.
  • Should you decide you want a more built in look, you can get this model with Customized Panels to help it to blend in to your existing cabinetry.
    MSRP: $2899.00 which comes across pretty steep but take a look at that price. Though if you take a look at what others are selling it for today. Take a look at the best deals on the market written below:

  • 5. The GE PFSF6PKWWW GE Profile™ 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

    Overall: If you're looking for features, the GE PFSF6PK delivers. We were overall impressed with the model but here's what we saw was worth taking a look at:

    • It's beautifully styled featuring Contoured High-Gloss Finished Doors with Hidden Hinges.

    • The Integrated Ice and Water Dispenser with Actual Temperature Display allows you to get chilled, filtered water and crushed or cubed ice any time you need it.

    • The actual temperature of the refrigerator is displayed on the ice/water dispenser.

    • Through the use of two evaporators, the ClimateKeeper with Dual Evaporators maintains higher humidity for fresh foods, keeping them fresh for longer.

    • The LED Lighting places all the contents into clear view. Our only complaint is that the LED is only in the refrigerator and NOT the freezer.

    • The Slide 'n Store™ Freezer Basket offers easy access and flexible storage for all of your frozen foods. Another great buy from General Electric.

    MSRP: $2599.00 though take a look at the great prices below:

    Similar GE French Door Refrigerator Models

    If the three models above didn't seem to just what you want, here's three more that you should take a look at that are all 20% off right now:

    GE French Door Refrigerator Features

    Some of the things you want to consider when shopping for your GE French Door Refrigerator are:

    • Style: The French Door Refrigerators are a bit more stylish and inventive than your typical Side by Side and Top Freezer Refrigerator Models. So, recognize that you can have quite a bit fun deciding which model goes best in your kitchen.

    • Available Space: Remember that most French Door Refrigerators are much wider than your typical top freezer mount or even some Side by Side models. Be sure to properly measure the area before making your purchase. Or, you may end up having to buy a saw to cut into your cabinets!

    • Freezer Access: Most French Door Refrigerators have a pull out drawer freezer. Be sure you have the space in your kitchen to accomodate for this.

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