The Maytag MSD2656G Side by Side Refrigerator Review

Maytag MSD2656G Side by Side Refrigerator

  • Overview: The Maytag MSD2656G Side by Side Refrigerator is a good choice for the money.

    Many of the features on this Maytag model were especially cool such as the Elevator Shelving which allows various sized items to fit conveniently on the shelves.  The Dual Cooling System worked well, but we noticed quite a bit of heat escaping from the back.  Although not worrisome, it seemed like it needed more venting space than similar models in this price range.

  • Style:  The styling is reasonably conservative.  The handles are contoured slightly which gives the fridge a bit of a modern look, while still maintaining a classical simplicity.

  • Capacity:  The Maytag MSD2656G that we tested had a 25.0 cu. ft. capacity.  We found this to be more than ample for most four person families.  With the elevator shelving, it had little if any "wasted space."

  • Notable Features:  The elevator shelving was more than just a convenience.  We consider it a necessity in side by side refrigerators.  Maytag invented this type of shelving and so they've mastered it.  We weren't crazy about the lighting, but it was ample.  The ice maker and water dispenser worked quite efficiently and the water filter provided excellent quality water well after its sixth month expiration date.

  • Colors:  This model comes in white on white and black on black and satina.

  • Efficiency: It’s ENERGY STAR qualified, but because of the excessive heat coming from the back it didn't feel it was running as efficiently as it could.

    Though should you buy this or any other Energy Star refrigerator it should entitle you to an Energy Star Rebate being offered by every state in the union from the government.

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  • Dimensions: It's dimensions are:
    • Depth – 34 in.

    • Width – 35 5/8 in.

    • Height 69 7/8 in.

  • MSRP: $1,1,99-1,499.00 Depending on the color.

Similar Maytag Side by Side Refrigerators

We wanted to make sure you had plenty of options in case the model above didn't work out (especially because it's just about discontinued). Here's three more choices that are similar but still available:

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