GE Cafe CSHS6UGZSS Refrigerator

25.7 cu. ft. Energy Star Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice & Water Dispenser – Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The GE Cafe CSHS6UGZSS refrigerator is a great option if you are looking for unique styling in a full size side by side refrigerator.

It has more than a few unique features that make this Energy Star rated beauty a real splurge at a great price.

Capacity: 25.7 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

  1. GE Cafe Styling: Between the Stainless Steel that wraps from the front to the sides, the very sleek handles and the dispenser with 14 different controls on it, this is a truly modern fridge.

  2. Cool Drinks Anytime: You will never want for a cool drink of any kind while owning this GE Cafe refrigerator. The UltraFlow64 on the dispenser means cool water comes out at 64 oz. per minute. If you forgot to put your sodas in the door beverage rack, no worries. The ExpressChill™ feature will make drinks cold and ready to drink in just a few minutes time. If ice is what you need, the Arctica® Icemaker will be able to be put in to its Quick Ice™ mode and make more than enough for your needs.

  3. Easy to Use Freezer: While a freezer is very important, quite often they aren’t as well thought out as the refrigerator side but this is not the case here. The three freezer baskets don’t just slide out, they come past the freezer drawer so that you can access everything in it. The freezer door has small bins on it that actually tilt out for ease of access. To make sure you can see it all, they’ve also included GE Reveal for the interior lighting.

  4. Quiet and Clean: There’s nothing worse than a noisy fridge that is difficult to maintain. This model is one of the quietest on the market and due to the NeverClean condenser it will stay that way without regular maintenance.

Colors: Stainless Steel only.

Efficiency: The GE Cafe CSHS6UGZSS refrigerator is Energy Star rated.

MSRP: $2299.00 is what the GE recommended it sell for but it’s not even close to what we’ve found. We looked around and found some really great deals on this refrigerator. Take a look below:

Similar Models to GE Cafe CSHS6UGZSS Refrigerator

There are very few side by side refrigerators made in the GE Café line so we’ve included some other great options from the GE Profile line in case the one above didn’t work out.

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