LG Side by Side Refrigerators

The LG Refrigerators We Recommend Most!

The LG Side by Side Refrigerators have quickly become some of the most popular refrigerators on the market. Not only due to their high quality and low price, but also, LG Refrigerators are some of the most innovative products out there.

From their unique features to high tech styling, LG Refrigerators have become all the rage. They have also set the bar for the prices of most refrigerators on the market as they tend to come in a bit less than most other brands.

Their Side by Side Refrigerators in particular have quickly started to dominate the landscape. Best Buy and other retailers have shown dramatic increases in their LG sales over the past few years. They have even managed to eclipse sales of the major American companies like GE and Whirlpool.

LG Side by Side Refrigerator Models we Recommend

There are a number of side by side refrigerator freezers so we've helped to narrow down the field somewhat by choosing 3 side by side refrigerators that are worth looking at.

Make sure you take a look at all three of these fridges and click on the pictures or the links for more information.

1. LG Side by Side Refrigerator LSC27925ST
LG LSC27925ST Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW:We try to always put the lowest priced refrigerator first and this LG side by side fridge is definitely a good deal (we’ve even seen it less than $1000).

But the nice part is that it also offers a great deal of storage and style. A great deal for the budget conscious. Read the full review.

Rating: .25

2. LG Side by Side Refrigerator LSC27935ST
LG LSC27935ST Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This refrigerator is nice a step up from the one above without costing a great deal more. It also has a great deal of storage space but it comes with almost every extra feature you might want.

Before settling on the least expensive fridge, take a look at what a bit more gets you. Don’t forget you will have this refrigerator for quite some time. Read the full review.

Rating: .75

3. LG Studio Series Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerator LSSC243ST
LG LSSC243ST  Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: One of the really amazing things about this refrigerator is how much it holds considering it is a counter depth.

The styling and size makes it look built in and adds a great deal of elegance to any kitchen. Definitely worth taking a look. Read the full review.

Rating: .80

4. LG Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerator LSC24971ST
LG LSC24971ST Side by Side Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This refrigerator also has a counter depth configuration to allow for a beautiful built in look.

While it is beautiful on the outside, the inside of this model is well lit and it offers a great deal of storage space all over, even in the freezer. It's also the only side by side counter depth model still being made by LG. Read the full review.

Rating: .90

A Few Other LG Side by Side Models to Consider

In case the models we listed above aren't what you are looking for, then take a look at those listed below:

LG Side by Side Refrigerators Advantages

LG Side by Sides have a number of unique characteristics and here are 3 that truly set them apart:

  1. Better Capacity: The LG Refrigerators typically have better storage capacity than many others comparative models. Much of this is due to the better lighting, filtration and dispenser systems which in these side by side refrigerators take up much less room than in other similarly priced side by side refrigerators.

  2. Better Efficiency: The LG Refrigerators typically have better quality compressors, insulation and door gaskets which often lead to lower energy bills.

  3. Runs Quiet: The LG Refrigerators tend to run anywhere from 10-15% quieter than most other major brands. Partly due to the better internal equipment, and partly due to a commitment to make a solid running machine.

All three of the models above contain the following features:

  • Slide our and Spill safe shelves - these make cleaning your refrigerator a breeze.
  • 4 Door Bins with gallon door storage
  • External Ice and Water Dispenser
  • Child Lock
  • Digital Temperature Control

LG Refrigerator Reviews

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