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Here are the Top Rated LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Models

The LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators are some of the most popular and most affordable models on the market. Not only due to their high quality and low price, but also, because LG Refrigerators have proven to be some of the most innovative products available.

While the models from a few years ago seemed to have a great deal of problems, it seems that LG has addressed many of these issues and made them no longer a concern.

The LG line of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators are some of the most popular across all brands. They have recently eclipsed the sales figures of some of the biggest American made brands like GE, Amana and Whirlpool.

There are actually two types of LG bottom freezer fridges, those with one door (which are described below) and those with double doors, also known as French door refrigerators. If you are looking for the double door version, then click on the link below:

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The Advantages of LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators have a number of unique characteristics that truly set them apart:

1. Better Efficiency: The LG Refrigerators typically have better quality compressors and other interior components which allow them to run more efficiently.

2. Better Capacity: The LG Refrigerators have better storage than many other models as well as better lighting, filtration and dispenser systems.

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators we Recommend

There really is only one model of of LG bottom freezer refrigerators in the LG line, but it comes in more than one color. So, here it is:

The LG LDC22720ST Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

22 cu.ft. Swing Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel Finish

LG LDC22720ST Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Overall: The LG LDC22720ST bottom mount refrigerator styling follows suit with the rest of the LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators as it is very sleek and ads a bit of "bling" to any kitchen. If the appearance wasn't enough, which we all know it isn't, it also comes with many features that should make using this fridge easy and quite well organized.

Pros: Here's why you should consider this model as well:

  • The stainless finish really added a great deal as did the matching handles. It was a nice change from other brands that attach plastic ones.

  • Energy Star Rated:As we stated in the model above, it's not only a way to save energy, it's also a way to save money.

  • Ice Plus Accelerated Freezing Function: This is a great feature as the faster you freeze something the fresher it ends up tasting when it's thawed.

  • It also comes with the 5 Design-A-Door Bins and 4 Split Tempered Glass Shelves which allows for you to custom make your storage space.

  • As we mentioned before both the Upfront Digital Temperature Controls and the Multi-Air Flow Cooling in these LG bottom freezer refrigerators create an easily even temperature all over the fridge.

  • Door Alarm: This is a must have if you have young children or forgetful adults in your home. Once the door has been left open for more than one minute, the alarm begins to sound and can save you $100s in food.

Cons: The few things we heard were centered around the freezer:
  • This model of LG fridge tends to be fairly quiet except when making ice

  • While the freezer has ample storage space, though you need to be quite organized to make sure that you can find whatever it is you are looking for. The one large basket and one wire shelf seem to feel a bit more like a chest freezer than anything else.

  • We heard a few complaints on how a thin layer of frost formed on the foods in the freezer.

MSRP: $1399 to 1599 (depending on the finish) but we've been able to find some nice discounts on this fridge. Take a look at what it's selling for today:

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Similar Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Models

Most refrigerator manufacturers are shying away from this style as most consumers really prefer double door refrigerators. With this in mind, we've included a few similar models from different manufacturers to compare:

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Other LG Bottom Freezer Models

If the models we mentioned above didn't seem to work for your needs, then here are three more from LG that are worth taking a look at (just be aware that the model above is the only one that isn't discontinued by LG):

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Refrigerator Reviews

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