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Here are the Top GE Profile & GE Side by Side Refrigerators

GE Side by Side Refrigerators are still some of the best you can find on the market. In a recent Consumer Reports study of refrigerators, there were a number of high performing General Electric Side by Side Refrigerators coming at or near the top.

All of the GE side by side refrigerator brands come as either free-standing, built in or counter depth versions.

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GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerators

The GE Profile refrigerator line of side by side refrigerators has loads of unique features that help set them apart from the pack.

  1. 1. Styling: The GE Profile line has some of the more unique and eye popping styles available. From the wide variety of available colors as well as the use of LCD control centers on the water and ice dispensers.

  2. Functionality: The features on the GE Profile line aren't just hype. These are features that actually have usability. For example, the Precise Fill technology that allows you to preset exact amounts that can be dispensed from your water dispenser.

  3. Performance: The GE Profile Side by Side Refrigerators are definitely one of the more durable refrigerators on the market today. And, in case you were wondering, one of the most energy efficient as well.

Top 3 GE Side by Side Refrigerators

Here are some of the GE, GE Profile and GE Cafe side by side refrigerators that are worth taking a look at:

1. GE Profile PSHS6PGZSS Side by Side Energy Star Refrigerator - Stainless finish

This refrigerator is highly rated with all of its added features and amply divided interior space. Here are just a few worth noting:

  • Stainless Steel crown doors with Hidden Hinges. The hidden hinges of this particular model, give this fridge a sleek, modern look that's sure to be a great addition to your kitchen.

  • The GE ClimateKeeper™ System, with the TurboCool™ setting will guarantee a constant temperature throughout.

  • We loved the LCD touch controls which made controlling this refrigerator extremely easy. Not only does it cover temperature settings, you'll also be able to reset the filter and turn on the QuickIce and Door Alarm functions from the door!

  • The LED Lighting throughout the fridge and the freezer makes it look fresh and bright, making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

  • The UltraFlow64 can pour up to 64 ounces per minute and the Arctica® Icemaker will hold more than enough ice for your next get together. (10 lbs or more)

  • Finally, the NeverClean condenser makes this particular GE side by side refrigerator almost maintenance free over its life span. Considering most fridge failures come from the breakdown of the condenser, this feature alone is worth the money.

MSRP: $1799.00 for the stainless steel version, but this MSRP is a bit dated. Look below to find any current deals that might help you to save a little extra money.

2. GE Cafe CSHS6UGZSS ENERGY STAR® Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice & Water Dispenser - Stainless Finish

This is another very popular model. It has three storage bins for varying humidity as well as gallon door storage. The 25.7 cu. ft. of storage make this a very easy to use refrigerator at a great price.

This GE Side by Side Refrigerator has all the features of a more expensive model, but without the higher price.

  • The External Controls were a convenient feature for this particular model. Make any adjustments from the outside without ever having to open the fridge. Best of all you can lock the dispenser so that your children don't make a huge mess.

  • Utilizing GE's exclusive Climate Keeper system, this refrigerator scores huge numbers in its ability to maintain a constant temperature on the inside, no matter what conditions may be like outside. This is definitely a feature most overlook until you realize how much a consistent temperature can positively affect your food items.

  • We loved the Adjustable Slide-Out Spillproof Glass Shelves which allows spills to stay put. Also the QuickSpace top shelf allows you to put taller items in without having to remove an entire shelf.

  • The 3 pan stack Freshness Center worked wonders with keeping meats, produce and dairy items quite fresh.

  • The PreciseFill in the water dispenser makes cooking all that much easier - no more measuring cups. It also fills extra fast with it's UltraFlow64 (pours 64 oz per minute).

  • The design of the water filter allows it to take up minimal space in this 25.7 cu. ft. Freestanding side by side refrigerator.

MSRP: $1999.00 for the Stainless Steel finish but look at the great discounts we've found below:

3. GE Profile PSCS5TGXSS Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice/Water Dispenser - Stainless Finish

If you are looking for a counter depth side by side refrigerator, this is the GE Profile refrigerator review to read. If you have other GE Profile Appliances, you'll be happily surprised by the consistent appearance with other appliances in this line. Some of our favorite features on this model are the:

  • ClimateKeeper2™ System which keeps your food garden fresh for as long as possible. It also helps protect ice from odor transfer, with its unique dual-evaporator system.

  • The Color LCD Controls with Touch Screen makes it easy to control all the functions of this refrigerator with just a slight touch.

  • The dispenser not only dispenses crushed and cubed ice as well as chilled water (at 100 oz. per minute!), it comes with an LED light for ease of use at night. The Quick Ice™ setting allows you to speed up the ice maker so you should have enough ice when ever you want it.

  • The ExpressChill™ feature makes cooling drinks in cans or bottles a process you calculate in minutes not hours.

  • The TurboCool™ setting will keep the temperature constant throughout the entire refrigerator.

MSRP: $3249.00 may seem steep but again we are happy to say that we've found more than one good deal for you on this fridge:

Stainless Steel Refrigerator Reviews

Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews

Other GE Side by Side Refrigerator Models

Alright, if the few refrigerators we listed above didn't work for what you are looking for, that's not a reason to worry. As we said above, GE makes a whole lot more side by side refrigerators. Here's three more you may want to take a look at that are at least 20% off:

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