Best Refrigerator Brands

The Three Top Rated Refrigerator Brands

The Best Refrigerator Brands are hard to determine in that there are so many high quality refrigerator manufacturers on the market today. Especially when you take into account the Best Brand of Refrigerator may not have the model, color or style that you're looking for.

That said, names like GE Refrigerators, Kitchenaid and Frigidaire might be expected to top the list, but in our reviews of the top rated refrigerators available, we found three brands that stood out among the rest with the highest quality product and overall best customer satisfaction.

    #1 - Samsung Refrigerators


    Samsung makes 3 different styles of refrigerators: French Door (3 and 4 door), Side by Side and Bottom Freezer.

    This brand really hits the sweet spot as the prices are quite comfortable and the styles are very updated and beautiful. They've also received awards for customer satisfaction.

    Knowing all of this, Samsung is definitely one brand worth taking a look at.

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    #2 - LG Refrigerators

    LG Door in Door Feature

    French Door, Side by Side and Bottom Freezer refrigerators are within the LG line as well but they also make Top Freezer refrigerators where as Samsung does not.

    Much to our surprise LG's prices are in line with Samsung if not even a bit less. They too try to add more than just a bit of bling to your kitchen with their styling.

    Best of all there are many different models to choose from. WE think LG is one of the top brands but don't take our word for it, see for yourself.

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    #3 - Whirlpool Refrigerators


    When referring to Whirlpool refrigerators you need to take into account the fact that they have an everyday line (Whirlpool) and an upscale line called Whirlpool Gold

    Both lines have French door, Side by Side, Bottom Freezer as well as Top Freezer refrigerators in them. Best of all, we're pretty close to sure that they will have the refrigerator you want at a great price.

    Take a look at the Whirlpool reviews to better understand this brand.

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Our results are based on scouring thousands of online reviews of existing models and best refrigerator brands.

In addition to these we like to use the ratings found on these refrigerator brands given by consumer advocates, such as Consumer Reports.

Other Best Refrigerator Brands

Some have asked us if this means that the three brands mentioned above are the only brands worth considering. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that every refrigerator manufacturer makes a good model or two (or 3 or 4), it's the consistency across all makes and models as well as their commitment to overall customer satisfaction that places their names here.

As you'll see, we have some runner ups listed below that had it not been for a small blemish or two, they might have made this list of the Best Refrigerator Brands.

Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore 75043


Surprisingly, Kenmore was one of the highest rated in overall customer satisfaction.

Kenmore falls into one of the best refrigerator brands not only they make a great refrigerator, but the fact that they follow up with excellent customer service and they bring the Sears brand reputation as well, Kenmore is definitely a refrigerator to consider.

Kenmore makes a great number of Side by Side and Top Freezer Mounted Refrigerator models that were tops with consumers and product reviewers alike.

The long list of high quality features mixed with their durability made Kenmore an easy choice (yet, a surprising one), for this list.

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Bosch Refrigerators


BOSCH: Sometimes misspelled as Bosh Refrigerators, the Robert Bosch company is mostly known for its high quality tools both under the Bosch label as well as their Skil brand.

But, Bosch knows how to build one heck of a quality appliance as well.

Some of the most impressive refrigerators we tested came with the Bosch name slapped on the front.

Their line of refrigerators is limited to a select few models such as the Bosch Evolution 800, but with more on the way (according to the rep we spoke with at the International Hme Builders Show), we're excited to see what's next.

Bosch is available at only a select number of stores, so be sure you check that your local store carries the Bosch brand before heading out.

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Amana Refrigerators

Amana A1RXNGFYS Top Freezer Refrigerator

AMANA: Amana Refrigerators are still some of the best refrigerator brands available on the market today.

They have such a wide range of affordable models many of which have a feature set that you might expect to see on refrigerators costing more than double.

The Amana brand is now owned and operated by Whirlpool, but they have still managed to set themselves apart as one of the highest respected refrigerator brands.

According to our research, Amana has some of the most models of any manufacturer that Consumer Reports names a best buy.

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Best Runners Up:

It was close on a number of these refrigerator manufacturers. Definitely some of the more impressive models came from manufacturers like Dacor, Subzero and Viking, all of whom deserve an honorable mention. But here are those that came close as the best refrigerator brands as chosen by the consumer.

  1. GAGGENAU: The best refrigerator on the market in our view comes from the European manufacturer, Gaggenau. They are known for their built-in look not to mention that their column refrigerators and freezers are some of the most well designed and beautiful refrigerators on the market.
  2. GENERAL ELECTRIC: A strong runner up however is of course, GE. General Electric Refrigerators are still some of the best on the market today. From their line of regular General Electric,GE Profile and their higher end GE Monogram line. While these refrigerators are definitely a favorite with us here at, we have heard far too many customer complaints about aesthetics and issues with some of the internal features to be able to list GE in the top 3.
  3. LG Refrigerators: LG is one of the fastest rising refrigerator brands on the market today. Mostly because of the types of refrigerators they offer and the price they offer it at! This South Korean company has single handedly put the French Door Refrigerator within the reach of those looking for great refrigerators under $2,500.00.

    But, alas, LG is a victim of its own success at the moment with numerous complaints about poor customer service. Although the refrigerators themselves were all highly rated.

Best Refrigerators

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