Maytag MFT2771WE French Door Refrigerator Review

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  • Overall: The Maytag MFT2771WE French Door Refrigerator Freezer is a freestanding bottom freezer refrigerator and is very popular with most consumers who buy one.

    Oddly, it's one of the more popular models to receive reviews. And POSITIVE reviews which is rare considering most take the time to complain about something rather than compliment!

    But considering this Maytag Refrigerator comes with 36" of storage width, there is room for just about anything you have to store.

    French Door refrigerators in general are a great alternative to Side by Sides and this Maytag model scores well in a number of key areas:

    1. Temperature control: One of the best in its class
      Maytag MFT2771WE French Door Refrigerator

    2. Price: Moderately priced at just under $2,000.00

    3. Unique features: One of the few French Door Refrigerators that has an external water and ice dispenser

    4. Style: works in just about any decor

    This is one model you should definitely consider if you're in the market for a french door refrigerator.

  • Capacity: There's 27.0 Cubic Feet of storage space which is more than enough for the average family of 5.

    The water and ice dispenser are nicely tucked away and don't take up an inordinate amount of internal storage space. Also, as mentioned above, this refrigerator is 36" wide which allows you enough space to store everything from a Thanksgiving turkey to anything in between.

    The Extra Gallon Door Bins are perfect for storing 2 liter bottles, Milk Jugs and much more. Also, the Wide and Fresh Deli Drawer is wide enough to store a number of meats and cheeses but sealed away enough so that it won't adversely affect the taste of other items.

  • Style: The Maytag MFT2771WE French Door Refrigerator comes in Stainless, Black and White finishes.

  • Notable Features: This model has excellent Temperature performance and is Energy efficient. It meets Energy Star requirements and is most likely a candidate for the Energy Star rebates that many states are currently offering (as of this writing in 2010).

    We were big fans of the Color LED Touch Screen External Controls for dispensing water and ice. Aside from the futuristic look, their functionality was top notch.

    Since Maytag was acquired by Whirlpool, a number of things have improved. Especially the PUR Water Filtration System which not only delivers top quality filtered water, but is so well integrated into the refrigerator itself, very little internal space is sacrificed.

    Considering that Maytag is one of the first brands to offer a French Door Refrigerator with an external water and ice dispenser, it's nice to see they're taking pains to master it.

  • Efficiency: This model is ENERGY STARĀ® qualified - meaning it exceeds federal energy efficiency standards by 15% to help you save energy. The noise level was AVERAGE, meaning, it wasn't as quiet as a church mouse, but it was barely noticeable when functioning properly.

    (Should you be looking an energy efficient refrigerator, here is our list of Energy Star Refrigerator Reviews.)

  • MSRP: $2,499.00 is what Maytag suggests it sell for but take a look at some of the really great deals we've found that it's selling for right now:

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