LG LSSC243ST Refrigerator

23.5 Cu. Ft. Studio Series Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerator with External Ice & Water Dispenser – Stainless Finish

Overall: The LG LSSC243ST is the only side by side refrigerator that is part of the LG Studio Series refrigerator line and it is also the largest by 15%. While there is a great deal of storage inside this refrigerator, you’ll also be happily surprised by the beautiful look of this fridge.

As part of the Studio Series, it truly has the look and feel of a “built in” refrigerator due to the styling and counter depth sleekness.

Capacity: 23.5 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

  1. Glass Shelves in refrigerator and freezer that are both spill safe and slide out for easy cleaning.

  2. Tall Ice/Water Dispenser for filling up larger cups, bottles or even water pitchers.

    SpacePlus Ice System: LG created an ice maker that won’t eat up all of your freezer space.

    LoDecibel™ Operation: This feature was added to make this fridge the quietist you’ve ever owned.

  3. Energy Star Rated: This should help to decrease your energy bills and help to pay for your new fridge.

  4. LED Lighting: This lighting in both the fridge and freezer make finding what you are looking for a breeze. Best of all, they rarely need to be replaced and never heat up.

  5. Child Lock: Sometimes the idea of your child getting into the fridge is more than you can bear (trust us, we know) so this should help

Colors: Stainless Steel

Efficiency: Energy Star Rated

MSRP: $2,519.00 was the last suggested price from LG before they discontinued it. While you may still be able to find this model online or in outlets, it is no longer being made by LG.

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LG LSSC243ST Side by Side Refrigerator

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