Kitchenaid KFCS22EV Refrigerator Review

KitchenAid Architect II 21.8 cu. ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

OVERALL: Our KitchenAid KFCS22EV Refrigerator Review shows you why this particular French Door refrigerator is an affordable alternative if you're looking to add a sense of quality and style to your kitchen.

PROS: Like most Kitchenaid refrigerators, this french door refrigerator is ENERGY STAR® Qualified. You can save hundreds each year by running an Energy Star fridge like this one -- and you might even qualify for anEnergy Star Rebate currently being offered by the government. Click the link above to learn more.

A few features we found worth mentioning and highlighting in our Kitchenaid KFCS22EV refrigerator review were...

  • To begin with, you normally pay a premium to get a counter depth fridge, but at an average price of just $2,500.00, you get the features you want at a price that's more than reasonable.
    KitchenAid KFCS22EV French Door Refrigerator

  • The FreshChill™ Temperature Management System regulates temperatures to keep your foods in optimum storage conditions.

  • This Architect® Series II Handles which add to your existing kitchen decor.

  • The interior of the fridge was well organized and with gallon door storage, you are able to really take advantage of the wide interior space..

  • In general, the double doors of a french door refrigerator are a great fit for smaller kitchens as you don't need to accommodate too much for a large door swing.

CONS: Here's the 3 things that caught our attention...

  1. It doesn't run as quietly as we would've expected considering the noise level of other models in this same price range is usually pretty low.

  2. The icemaker was fantastic, and although we loved the ice scoop (which proved to be invaluable) it can easily get unsanitary if you have small children, or if you don't properly maintain the cleanliness. Not so much of a con, as just something to be aware of.

  3. The vegetable and fruit drawers felt a bit flimsier than they should, but still chilled and managed temperature adequately.

  • MSRP: $3299.00 is the suggested retail price but we've found it for a nice discount on the net. Take a look below:

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