LG French Door, Freezer on Bottom,Stainless Steel Refrigerator (model LFC23760)

by Sabrina
(Royal Oak, MI)

LG French door freezer on the bottom stainless steel refrigerator has been a complete disappointment.

I have had this LG refrigerator for almost 3 yrs and the computer board went out costing me hundreds to fix. Not to mention the huge loss of food and time going back and forth to the store to buy dry ice 20 bucks a day to help preserve some food and reduce more loss.

Especially since the fridge at normal price is almost $2,000 and I paid sale of $1,500. None of LG's "service" people could come out for a couple days, next week or not their area. Then the part needs to be ordered adding a few more days, then an available technician when it comes in!!

As I recall refrigerators did just fine without computers. What a sorry excuse for a company who claims to make "life good."

After complaining and talking to a supervisor and taking more of my time to fax the receipt, she so "generously" said the company will pay for the part, I must pay for the labor.

She reminded me that "electronics do not last and have problems". I have been a homeowner for 31 yrs and NEVER had to worry about a MAJOR APPLIANCE going out after a couple years due to electronic problem.

If I had known about this "electronic" or computer board fridge I WOULD have NEVER BOUGHT IT.

This has cost both time and financial loss. The replacement part is only warranted for 3 months. I hope it does not fail. Tough luck
to consumers. New gimmick, unsuspecting problem for refrigerators.

Another point, the 15 yr old fridge (same size) replaced was still working, I mistakenly thought it was soaking up my energy bill only to realize it was rates increase, and now was increased by $15 more each month. So much for energy star ratings.

Big whoop, my American made other brand, no longer available, was superior to this. Sadly I have been ripped off, and they could care less. Granted, I realize that it is "only" $350 to fix, it should not need repair. Yet or at all!

Shame on LG!! I will NEVER BUY another appliance from them ever. I would seriously recommend no one else does either. Unless you have money to waste.

I have 5 coolers for just the frige stuff, and still have had to toss out a couple hundred in goods. We are not even discussing the freezer here either. More$$$$

Being a gourmet cook is expensive and so is eating healthy. But to have a company sell a shoddy product and not give a rip is a sham and a shame.

The repair center practically knew off hand this would be the issue, since it is most ALWAYS the same problem. Ridiculous and Irritating, nothing good about it.

They should change their name from LG to F.U. It would certainly better reflect the product and the attitude corporate.

Perhaps they were the ones behind the tax credits, probably owned by electric company. Oh yes, formerly G.E. Hmmm.

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Comments for LG French Door, Freezer on Bottom,Stainless Steel Refrigerator (model LFC23760)

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Jan 01, 2013
by: D. Saxton

An absolute piece of you-know-what. 4 years old, getting ready to replace my second computer/curcuit board. Repair is expensive, takes forever to secure repair parts. Seriously considering taking my 21 year old Sears from garage (been there its entire life-not a problem ever) and placing in kitchen. Paid $1,450.00 for this piece of junk.

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