LG French Door Refrigerator (model LFD23860ST)

by Shari H.
(Williams Lake, BC, Canada)

We bought our LG French Door refrigerator with bottom freezer model LFD23860ST in 2009. This is the first time we owned a bottom freezer. It is very convenient and the ice maker is located in the freezer compartment with out a which is new to us. We have always had brands with the ice located in the door.

Our complaint is we paid over $2000.00 for it and the customer service is very very poor! The LG company puts you on hold forever and never gets back to you.

We have had an independent appliance repair company come out twice to repair it. The last time the company repairman told us in his opinion the ice maker on and off switch has never worked since the day we bought it -- which we would have to agree.

When you turn it off it stops making ice but the water continues to flow, causing a SHEET of ICE under my freezer drawers. If only I could turn it off then we wouldn't have this problem. We've checked the owner's manual and followed exactly what it says to do but there must be something wrong with it because it never works.

Cleaning up the ice is a huge a job especially because when I get started cleaning it up I need a hair dryer to melt the ice without melting my frozen foods in the freezer. Then I need to wipe it up before it freezes again. Worst of all, it's not like a spill that happens once, you clean it up and it's done, nope it forever needs to be cleaned.

I did not buy the warranty because I thought I was getting a quality product and would have had to buy five warranties as I bought a whole kitchen suite of appliances. I have a LG stove, LG dishwasher, LG microwave,
and LG refrigerator/freezer.

In my opinion, and after my experience with LG's customer service (or lack there of) I would never buy another LG appliance not because of the appliances themselves (I have only had a problem with my refrigerator at this point) but instead because of the snotty and poor customer service I, and many others, have received.

Buyer beware with LG fridges. I am sorry to say I did my research on LG customer service way too late. Do yours first.

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Aug 10, 2017
LG Refrigerator LFD 23860ST
by: Anonymous

I bought this fridge in 2009 and last year I had problem with start up relay. LG customer service is very bad and you can`t buy parts anywhere, you have to go thru LG service. This year 2017 my refrigerator stop cooling and I just find out, that my compressor is bad. Now I have to buy new refrigerator only after 8 years old. I never will buy any LG product.

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