I Love My LG 30.7 cu ft French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

by Richard R
(Coeur d Alene, ID)

While I have read many of the negative LG refrigerator reviews I love my new LG refrigerator. Most of the reviews I read relate to older models. Then I looked at all the common brands excluding the upscale ones.

The top of the line common brands were all nice in features but the biggest LG had it all. The size did not sell me but the features did. I really felt that I got a lot for the money and not all that expensive compared to others in the same class.

The LED lighting is awesome as well as the layout.

The linear compressor is very quiet and a lot less noise than my previous GE which was their top of the line.

Since I have only had the LG for 2 weeks I can not say about the longevity but so far when you set it for 35 degrees you get 35 degrees, etc.

I will be watching in the near future with a wireless thermometer. Too tempting to open the doors to check it out and let the warm air in. That can change the temperature.

The interior space is awesome and the ice maker works without a flaw. Advice is to start making ice when you do not need it and put it in the ice bin in the freezer and build up a supply before you start using the door. It makes small cubes but perfect for fitting in go-bottles.

It seems slow but once you get ahead of it you can stay ahead of it and not run out of ice from the unique door ice maker.

The ice maker really is neat and works great but is a bit slow. If you need a lot of ice go buy a bag to start. There is nothing I do not like about this fridge so far.

I think for my $2200 at Sears it was a good investment for a few years. If you want big, versatile, well-lit and sleek this one filled my every dream.

Forget the negative reviews and think about the thousands who have bought LG and have not complained or written a review. I did just that.

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Comments for I Love My LG 30.7 cu ft French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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Jul 11, 2015
Big 31' LG still good!
by: Richard in Idaho

Forgetting nasty meaningless comments from non LG owners I still say LG is making a decent product.

Linear compressor 10 year warranty is good and it's quiet. Lg is conglomerate but so is GE and others . Not new news!

Seems as if some folks looking for reasons to knock a product they have no hands on experience with. Forget it and read what owners say. Am in 4th year and LG is still ok. Very cold food & long storage value.

That's bottom line. Bet the new models are even better if that is possible. Now TWO ice makers!

Mar 06, 2012
More on LG
by: Richard in Idaho

After 7 months the 31 cu ft LG is as good as ever. Always around the 34 set point (have thermometer inside as well as wireless read-outs outside. Air temp varies based on defrost mode too but food is constant.

I really like the size and versatility as well as the quiet linear compressor and the dual condensers. The freezer holds a ton of stuff and I keep it full. Most people do not know that almost all of Sears Kenmores are made by LG now (not Whirlpool anymore). If they were troublesome Sears would look for a new supplier to their Kenmore line. I still recommend the LGs.

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