LG French Door Bottom Freezer Counter Depth Refrigerator

by Stuart
(Boulder, CO)

LG French Door Bottom Freezer Counter Depth Refrigerator

LG French Door Bottom Freezer Counter Depth Refrigerator

When we remodeled our kitchen in 2006 we had the following criteria for our new refrigerator:

  1. It had to be Counter Depth
  2. An in-the-door water dispenser
  3. Come with an ice maker (not necessarily in the door)

After many hours of research, both online and at different stores we selected an LG French door model with freezer on the bottom.

After it was installed we noticed that the temperature showed over 90 degrees, whereas the room was about 72 degrees. Also the water dispenser flowed very slowly.

According to the manual you were supposed to pull out the unit and vacuum the back. Since the unit had just been installed we called support and they referred us to the authorized tech who came out to check it.

He then told us that the fridge is designed to be free-standing in the room, not "pushed" in the space between the cabinets. And then the temperature gauge would function correctly.

  • Note - the unit is NOT built-in.

As for the water trickle from the dispenser, we were told it was working as designed.

About one year later, yes, right as the warranty had expired in 2007, a small, thumbnail sized plastic tab broke off the bottom wide drawer- almost $300.00 in parts and labor to replace.

In September 2009, the plastic frame that holds the bottom glass shelf (over the two half size drawers) broke in the front left corner and
it is now held together with duct tape. Two weeks later another tiny plastic part that holds the lid to the left most drawer.

When it comes to the general construction and design of the drawers it is substandard and LG should be ashamed of themselves. The half drawers are designed for fruits and veggies, but if you put anything heavier than lettuce in them, they fall off the convoluted rails and you need an engineering degree to put them back in. In 2010, one of the veggie drawers completely broke into parts.

Support and customer service assures us that we are the only ones ever complaining about this. Replacing plastic parts is ‘standard maintenance’. It seems the design of metal rails and bars in combination with tiny plastic tabs and attachments is a very bad combination

If you put bottles weighing too much in the doors they do not close properly and you have to give them an extra forceful push. LG service and support has not provided any service, just excuses.

Not 5 years after purchase, we are looking for the replacement, while the 20 year old GE in the garage is still whole. On a scale of 1-10 we put LG at about a minus 5- never fully functioning, insufficient materials design, and poor service satisfaction.

P.S. - We are a couple in our 60s, not a wild group of teenagers running around here anymore.

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Aug 15, 2015
LG - never again!
by: Anna

I bought this fridge in 2002 and have had NOTHING BUT Trouble! LG has the WORST customer service and tiny plastic tabs kept breaking right after the warranty ran out, so we constantly had to replace parts and at this point they don't even make replacements for most of them. My husband (by mistake) purchased a cell phone made by LG and has the same experience with customer service.
Their new fridge model may be fine, but you need good customer service too!

May 26, 2015
Same Fridge
by: Red

I have the same refrigerator and have had the same problems with mine including the outside handles breaking the plastic is very cheap... what is the model number of the fridge I can seem to find mine anywhere

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