LG Bottome Freezer White Refrigerator

by Debbie M.
(Palm Bay, Fl, USA)

I hate my LG bottome freezer refrigerator. Believe it or not the finish started to crack the first month we had it. Now the outside looks terrible.

If that weren't enough, on the inside the lower door shelf had to be screwed in when it was delivered. Meaning it didn't fit on it's own like it's supposed to. I don't even know why I accepted it when they did this.

If these two aren't enough the vegetable compartments are cracked so badly that they are only ow glass on top of the drawers.

The meat compartment has cracked so bad you have to be careful opening and closing it so that it doesn't fall apart. (I know I didn't mention it above but I have the same issue with the vegetable drawers.)

As you can probably imagine I will never buy another LG appliance and would strongly recommend anyone with a sound mind doing the same.

Stay away from LG!

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