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Our Favorite LG Refrigerators by Style

The Best LG Refrigerators were difficult to choose from considering there are so many quality refrigerator models in the LG brand line. That said, our internal reviews and consumer ratings have spoken and we've managed to come up with a list of the Top Rated Best LG Refrigerators.

The LG Refrigerators are loaded with high end features that you might find on other manufacturers models, but usually at more than twice the price. LG has some of the most highly stylized refrigerator models and come with some of the more innovative feature sets that you can't find on similarly priced refrigerator models.

Best LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The LG LBC22520ST LG Stainless Bottom Freezer 22.4 cu. ft.Refrigerator

OVERALL: The LG LBC22520ST Bottom Freezer found itself on the best LG refrigerators list because it received numerous high marks for it's beautiful styling and its energy efficiency. Consumers across the board were extremely happy with the looks and features that this $1,100.00 fridge offers up.


  • The 5 Design-A-Door Bins and 4 Split Tempered Glass Shelves provide ample storage capacity within the fridge itself allowing a lot of the 22.4 cu. ft. of storage space to be usable.

  • The Upfront Digital Temperature Controls made keeping an accurate temperature a snap and the Multi-Air Flow Cooling maintained even cooling throughout the fridge.

  • We also loved the IcePlus Accelerated Freezing Function which allows quick freezing of meats to seal in freshness.


Although this particular LG Refrigerator didn't have many issues, there were numerous complaints about the LG Customer Service line. As with any LG appliance, to not have this problem, we recommend you purchase an extended warranty.

MSRP: $1259.00

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Best LG French Door Refrigerator

The LG LFC23760ST 3-Door French Door 22.6 cu. ft. Stainless Refrigerator with Interior Ice Maker

OVERALL: This 3-door LG French Door refrigerator is quite popular due to the huge amounts of storage space as well as it's many innovative features. Though the largest selling point has to do with the cost, as you really do get a lot for your money with this model. For just under $1,600.00, you are able to get stainless steel French Door Refrigerator with many great features.


  • This comes unit comes in stainless steel with metal handles but if that doesn't fit your kitchen it also comes in black and white for around $300 less.

  • The 4 Split, Spill-Protector Tempered Glass Shelves

  • Pleanty of door baskets -- 5 Adjustable gallon size

  • Dairy Corner

  • Keeping things evenly cool is essential so the Multi-Air Flow Cooling will aid efficiency greatly

  • Internal Digital Temperature Controls make it easy to manage the internal temperature

CONS: Only a few things caught our eye here...

  • While the stainless model has a stainless steel front, the sides are instead a painted gray color. (This is a common thing for most stainless steel appliances, but we didn't want you to get it home and not be aware.)

  • Getting ice out of the freezer takes a sure hand as the location of it can cause it to fall into the bottom freezer.

MSRP: $1679.00 - that's the suggested retail price, not the actual retail price.

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Best LG Side by Side Refrigerator

LG LSC27921TT 26.5 cu.ft Side-By-Side Titanium Finish Refrigerator with Tall Ice & Water Dispenser

OVERALL: The LG LSC27921TT was one of the highest scoring refrigerators in consumer reviews across the web. It's tops with styling with its unique Titanium Finish and Contoured Doors.

PROS: Some of the features that we found impressive on this model were...

  • The Tall Water Dispenser which allows you to fill pitchers of water without having to support the extra weight

  • The Slide-Out Spill-Protector Tempered Glass Shelves made cleaning a breeze.

  • The Door Baskets that had an Adjustable Gallon Size were extremely convenient.

  • The LED Display which monitored the Temperature Level, Water Filter Status, Child Lock Status, Express Freezing, and Ice and Water Controls were easy to read and monitor.

  • And the LoDecibel Quiet Operation forced us to twice check the fridge to see if it was working!

CONS: The only thing that caught our eye was a it is not Energy Star rated and the ice maker can be difficult to reach into should you need to.

MSRP: $1469.00 though you might be surprised at how inexpensive you can get this refrigerator.

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A Few Things To Consider Before Buying...

When determining which of the Best LG Refrigerators is right for you, you need to consider the following:

  1. Capacity: Consider how large your family is currently and more importantly, where it's heading. Will your situation change in the next year? Two years? Five? Most refrigerators last approximately 10 years, so you'll want to consider where you'll be during that time to ensure you make the right purchase.

  2. Styling: Consider what you're looking for with regard how you want the fridge to look once it's in your kitchen. If functionality is more of what you are looking for than appearance, then you can greatly narrow down your options as well as price range. Most LG Refrigerators come in stainless steel. So, consider which color might go best in your kitchen before making your purchase.

  3. Available Space: Look at where your current fridge sits and measure what available space you have before making your purchase. Take into account the swing of the doors (should it swing to the right or to the left?) How will it best fit into your existing kitchen.


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