My 6 Year Old LG French Door Refrigerator is Now Considered "OLD"!!!

by Maria
(United States)

Back in 2005 we bought a bottom freezer LG refrigerator. The freezer in it wasn't working properly, (fuzzy ice on the frozen items) and icicles.

It was within the warranty replacement period so we paid some more, and got LG's state-of-art, top of the line french door / bottom freezer refrigerator with a water dispenser.

There was no external ice dispenser as the ice maker was still inside the freezer. It seems they didn't yet figure out how to transport the ice from bottom freezer to the door dispenser).

As nice looking as this refrigerator is, it hasn't worked properly from brand-new either. The food in the refrigerator part, if too close to the back wall, freezes.

We had a quality engineer from LG visit us about this problem, he said they were working on a better freeze board, and he had one mailed to us. All we had to do - he said - was call customer service and have a tech come and replace it. That never happened however, because we couldn't communicate with LG's heavily accented English attendants.

They kept asking, if the fridge was broken, and what broke, and said that they can't provide us with service if the refrigerator is working!

The shelves and fixtures inside the refrigerator are made of cheap, brittle plastic, possibly sensitive to lower temperatures, and they snap and break for no reason.

The wire that stops the ice maker from making too much ice has NEVER worked. The quality engineer, when asked about this, said that LG hadn't figured out what that wire was for (LOL through tears) for, they put it there copying the American manufacturers without actually figuring it out ( !!! ), so we either
remember to turn an ON/OFF switch, or get flooded with ice !

Last weekend (February 2012) the button in the door
gasket that sets off the open door alarm, just fell off, and after that the whole fridge quit working. That is - the freezer freezes, but unevenly. The refrigerator compartment is not working at all.

We called LG's customer service, and set an appointment ($89.00 to just say "Hi" to the tech, before he does anything). The tech looked, said, that it is the fan at the top of the freezer compartment that died, said he had to order the part, and left.

He came back this morning, replaced the said fan, although in the receipt he wrote "motor"; (it is a small gray part, about 3" long, rectangular on one end, rounded on the other), and also replaced the famed, 5-year-old freeze board, said that everything will start working once the freezer reaches the proper temperature, charged me $189.00, and took off.

That was at about 10:00AM. It is now 3:10 PM, and my fridge is still as if it has never seen any
repair: warm refrigerator compartment, freezer working, but unevenly, no light, no water dispensing.

I called the tech, and he said that "it's weird".

I've started shopping for a new fridge...

Concluding - mine has been a harrowing experience with LG. So bad that now remembering this all to finally write them a true review, I am getting upset.

I will never buy another LG appliance again. I am not sure how many consumers shared the LG misery with me, I know however, that LG appliances break insanely often.

By the way, the LG tech called my 6 year-old fridge "an old model", so I guess LG expects us to donate thousands of dollars that their fancy-looking appliances cost to them every 5 or 6 years, so they keep growing and flooding us with their mishap-take-pictures-at-trade-shows-and-copy-not-knowing-anything-about-it technology.

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Dec 22, 2018
OLD at 5 years? NEW
by: Anonymous

The technician just told me that I might want to get rid of my FIVE YEAR OLD LG fridge and get a newer one when the control panel went out! This is an expensive almost $3,000 fridge! I expected that it would give great service for many years like my other OLDER ones. I am so disappointed with this purchase. I certainly wouldn't consider ever purchasing another LG fridge and maybe choose other brands over LGs in other products. I can't find a LG serviceman within my area and the one I did get to diagnose the problem says he cant come back here again so I might not have anybody that is willing to come fix it after this. I would have gotten a much less expensive one if I had known that I might have to replace it in just 5 years. I am sorry that I purchased this. I wish I could have read this review before I made this purchase.

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