LG French Door Refrigerator (model LFX31925ST) Sucks!

by Beth

My LG French door fridge (model LFX31925ST) sucks!

I bought it this past November thinking that it was a good purchase and it would last me for, at the very least, 5-7 years. Boy I couldn't have been more wrong!!

Hope you're sitting down for this one. I have had to have this wonderful refrigerator repaired 2 times and it is less than 5 months old! I hope the refrigerator is fixed this time because I live in North Carolina and I don't think that the Lemon Law is in effect here.

As if buying a faulty refrigerator wasn't enough of an insult, when I went to get it repaired I was accused, by the ever so awful LG customer service representative, of stealing this refrigerator. I no longer was in possession of the receipt from when I purchased it and that made me a thief.

I had my receipt until the first repair man came to work on it and asked to take my receipt so that he could get paid by LG. So for some reason when I could not prove that I paid for the refrigerator they told me that I must have stolen it.

I'm sorry but just the idea of someone stealing a refrigerator is a bit preposterous. Like I could just slip it into my coat pocket and walk out the door with it without anyone noticing?!?! What if I had just lost the receipt? I'm sure that happens all of the time -- not all of us are extra careful with our paperwork!

I told them that I had the warranty registration but for some reason that means nothing to them.

If you couldn't already tell my the rest of my refrigerator review, LG appliance's customer service is awful!! Sadly enough even if I loved their products I would never buy another one based strictly on how bad they treat their customers. My honest recommendation is that you do the same and STAY AWAY FROM LG.

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and you can imagine that I won't be considering a single appliance from the LG brand or made by the same manufacturers. (FYI LG does make refrigerators for more than a few other manufacturers like Kenmore and I think Whirlpool. Do your research before buying and set aside a special file to keep all of the paperwork including your receipt.)

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Comments for LG French Door Refrigerator (model LFX31925ST) Sucks!

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May 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

We bought ours in the end of 2015 a year and a couple months later it's a 3200.00 dollar boat anchor , internal freon line failed and can not be repaired , there customer service is terrible, we have gone two months without a refrigerator while LG can't can't figure out what to do, they lost my business I will never buy another LG product

Sep 04, 2015
no warranty service
by: Anonymous

LG refused to service my three month old refrigerator unless I pay them $85 service fee! Why have a warranty in the first place if you charge your customer the service charge for problems with their new refrigerator? The only solution is not buy the high rate LG and stick to a lower rated Whirlpool from one of their dealers that will provide service with none of this fees and other charges! LG make a beautiful refrigerator but service is non existing!

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