LG Fridge Impossible to Clean - Never Again!!

From day 1 my LG fridge was impossible to clean. It is sold as stainless but it is some kind of plastic. The instructions say clean with WATER no chemicals.

Since water does not work I called LG and was told to use a commercial cleaner. I have tried everything..it streaks, smudges, and in general looks as if it has never been cleaned.

The Ice maker leaks because of a faulty design on the "trap door" (where ice comes out) sticks. A LG repair person told me that it is a design flaw. So the freezer is not cold enough. The trap door needs to be manually closed.

All in all LG makes a very expensive piece of junk. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Always ask around for opinions before you buy a major appliance especially an LG product.

A few words about LG customer service...they don't offer any help so don't waste your time!!

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