LG Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator (Model# LTC22350WH)

by Tana
(Kettering, OH)

My husband talked me into buying this LG top mount freezer refrigerator after our old one gave out. It was my first LG and I was hesitant because I usually buy Kenmore.

My husband liked the sleek design and thought it would look great in our kitchen. I do my homework on appliances but when we got to the store our smartphone internet didn't work so we couldn't look up the reviews or ratings.

Several days after we got it home I got food out of the freezer and noticed that it looked thawed. I adjusted the settings and found the same issue again and again.

We realized that there isn't a tight seal on the freezer and when you close the refrigerator door it causes the freezer door to bounce open. We now have to make it a point to push the freezer door closed anytime we open the fridge!

Another thing is that it is the inside is hard to clean. The shelves or drawers don't come out easy.

A few positive points is that it runs quietly and the exterior is easy to keep clean.

The negatives far outweigh the positives so I really don't think I'd choose another LG appliance.

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Comments for LG Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator (Model# LTC22350WH)

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May 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

You do realize that parts in your kenmore are or can be the same parts in all other brands. LG etc don't make their own parts etc....just like Apple products are built from parts built by their competition and so on....this could never be reality of a brand making all their own parts...My LG stacks will use Whirlpool if I ever need a repair...LG is the top leader in tech and design and they make products for others that sell as their Top on the line appliances and Tv's etc....

Feb 16, 2012
Have same problem with this LG Refrigerator Freezer!
by: Cheryl in NJ

I purchased this LG refrigerator at Home Depot in April 2011. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed the same thing.

My food was thawing out and refreezing, ruining the food with ice build up.

And the ice in the bin was obviously melting and refreezing and I constantly have huge clumps of ice cubes.

Also EXTREMELY slow in making ice cubes from the start.

Called Home Depot and they said they are not responsible. Called LG; they sent a tech out that said this is normal design/condition.

I then called Home Depot again who finally came out and re-leveled freezer door. Still have same problem.

Oh, and freezer door pops open every time you close the refrigerator door.

I have LG coming out again in a couple of days. I sure hope there is a lemon law like they told me there was in Home Depot, because they aren't going to be able to fix the problem with this refrigerator.

Otherwise, unit is very sleek looking, roomy, good door shelves.

Feb 07, 2012
LG Gas Range Issues
by: Anonymous

I ordered an LG gas range on November 17,2011 and still did not receive it.

I had my older Kenmore(made by GE) oven fixed and the repairman told me not to buy an LG because you CANNOT gets parts for them.

I also checked with another repairman and he told me the same thing. The LG company will not franchise with any company here in the US for parts.

Also FYI,he also told me the new Kenmore ranges are made by LG. So what other appliances are they making with the LG name on them. I know your discussion is on refrigerators, but the same applies to all LG appliances.

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