LG-Expresscool single door) Model- GN241QLSN

by Zenaida R.
(Tanza,Cavite, Philippines)

We bought our LG ExpressCool refrigerator in 2007 but now the door of the freezer fell off.

When I open the door it is now broken. I've tried to find a service center here in the Philippines but they say that there's no replacement for the door.

Where are the LG service centers for LG refrigerators here in Tanza, Cavite??? Any suggestions on what can we do with our next electrical bills when it becomes larger than usual due to our refrigerator problem...

You would think living closer to Korea that we would have less problems finding help for our LG appliance than those reviews I've read from the US.

Wouldn't recommend buying an LG fridge to anyone.

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