LG Refrigerators are Trouble-Prone, Poorly Designed and Overpriced

Our new house came with a LG fridge. While it is less than 3 years old, it isn't new enough to be covered under a warranty, so any problems I have, I am pretty much stuck with. Such as:

  1. That irritating door-open beep alarm. Lots of people complain about this. It's not a defect, but it is a horrible design decision. You can't disable it, and you can't configure it to alarm, say, after 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. That stupid thing goes off way to quickly.

  2. The defrost drain in the freezer is blocked (and I've read accounts of this on other forums). So instead of the defrost water draining out properly, it collects as a sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer, and then it melts out the front of the freezer on to the floor.

    The only fix is to defrost the whole darn fridge, and/or, take the insides of the freezer apart (door off, icemaker out, shelf and guides out, back of freezer out) and defrost the drain hole.

    In all my life, I have never had a fridge do this. It is such a simple concept to make sure the whole drain path is well-heated. In an expensive model like this, I can't believe such an annoying problem exists. The worst part is, there's no reason to believe it won't happen again. After all, why did it freeze shut in the first place?

  3. Storage design isn't good. For as big as this thing is, I find I cannot get much into the freezer, nor onto the shelves or door areas. There is a lot of wasted space from the big bulky "hummer" style stainless front.

Basic $600 refrigerators are easier to use and more trouble-free than this thing.

Don't waste your money on the fancy stainless appearance. It's not worth it.

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Jan 16, 2015
French Door Fridge by LG
by: Anonymous

4 years old, compressor quit, had to pay for labor to replace it, still didn't work, repair man said it needs more parts, more labor fees due...may not fix the problem... DON'T BUY LG APPLIANCES!!!! Customer service people DO NOT CARE!!! Very disatified...to say the least.....

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