Have had our LG refrigerator for less than 1 month and we can already say that it is by far the worst refrigerator we've ever owned! Imagine that in only two weeks -- I didn't think it was possible.

In the first two weeks the ice maker stopped working -- it only worked for 2 weeks!!

Now neither the fridge nor the freezer are cooling. How is it possible that any company can sell such an expensive item as a refrigerator that stops working after 4 weeks?

I don't know how common this is with LG refrigerators or LG appliances of any kind but all I can say is Do NOT buy any LG products.

We paid approximately $3000 for this and regret every second of it. What a waste.

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Jan 16, 2024
LG products are crap NEW
by: Anonymous

Our LG fridge died over Christmas. The ice maker a
Failed a few days after we bought it,this was repaired under warranty. But from day one the ice maker jammed and needed to be cleared daily. Then a few weeks before Christmas the ice maker quit,out of warranty. Then over Christmas the fridge quit completely. Luckily our 30 year old kitchen aid still worked. Now our LG over the stove microwave quit.

Warning to all,.... don't buy LG crap!!

Jan 02, 2024
LG Refrigerator Dead NEW
by: Martha

Our LG Refrigerator died on Christmas Eve. No one can fix it. Even after the 26th. It's only 8 years old. Then I learned oft he class action lawsuit. We just missed the deadline.


Dec 28, 2023
LG dryer NEW
by: Anonymous

Our LG clothes dryer quit working after 5 years of regular to light duty.
Some electronic componenent in the control panel went out and its replacement was $300.
We opted for a new dryer instead, a basic Hotpoint for under $500.
Whether planned obsolescence or poor design or construction, it's one more reason to avoid computer-driven products in general.
Too bad for us consumers, since all corporations have chosen to put profits over customer satisfaction.
Never again will we buy LG.

Nov 05, 2023
Lg is trash NEW
by: Anonymous

We bought all lg appliances for the kitchen in 2017. 3 years and the refrigerator compressor went out and now just last week the compressor died again. The dish washer stopped working 4 times over the years and the baskets were replaced 3 times because they kept rusting. The fourth time the dish washer died we replaced it with a whirlpool, and we are buying a whirlpool fridge this week to replace the lg pos.

Sep 18, 2023
Never buy LG NEW
by: Anonymous

It works appliance (Colorado Springs) Co is a worthless LG repair ctr. They are liars, $800.00 later & 2 months the new compressor is is already making noise. LG warranty will not help at all with the repair company. NEVER BUY LG.

Jun 14, 2023
Do not buy NEW
by: Anonymous 2

I'm disappointed that my LG refrigerator stopped working properly within 4 years of purchase. The compressor, evaporator, and evaporator fan all needed repairs, which cost me a lot of money in labor and parts. Additionally, my experience with customer service was not satisfactory. As a result, I have decided not to purchase an LG refrigerator again in the future.

Mar 29, 2023
LG French Door fridge with craft ice maker
by: AN from Florida

Loved this item in the store. It took 3 delivery attempts to get one that wasn't damaged. Within a few months of using we were noticing how loud it was. Called a few times, did some troubleshooting and finally they told me there was a recall on the compressor. Not sure why they didn't tell me at the beginning of my call. Fast forward 9 months or so and the craft ice maker won't dispense. Call and it is 1 month out of warranty so I have to pay for the service. Gets fixed now it is not working again. Call and they troubleshoot and use the LG ThinQ app to reset it and it should work in 72 hours. Nope. So I call back and oh yes, this is a known issue and they will replace for free now and I was told I now have a 3 year warranty. I have a repair date scheduled but I asked for a refund of my last year repair since it is a known issue and they said no. I emailed the office of the president of LG and just got a call that no $$ will be refunded and the 3 year warranty is on the compressor. I disputed that answer as my question was about the ice maker not the compressor and she said all she knows is the answer is no to the refund and whoever told me I had a 3 year warranty was incorrect. If the ice maker issue is a known problem shouldnt my previous repair be covered as well? To me its like a recall on a car?? The rep that called me was very rude.

Feb 22, 2023
LG Fridge Compressor Failure NEW
by: ShawnP

After 6 years my LG fridge died, model LSXS26326S, Freezer and Fridge would not go over 60 degrees, had to toss $500 in food., LG fridge failure is written about all over the internet, never again will I purchase an LG appliance, for LG to go "cheap" on the compressor is a failure I cannot forgive. Shame on LG...Shame Shame Shame.

Feb 09, 2023
LG refrigerators NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought LG refrigerator new at Lowes..lasted apx. two years then the compressor motor quit. Lost thanksgiving dinner-turkey and all. Contacted LG and they said the part was under warranty and they would pay for the parts and labor...also send their technican to do the repairs. Technican never came. After a long wait I found his number and called him. He was in Ohio and did not and had not ever serviced anything for LG in my area...and they had given him the wrong address. I called and got a lady in Korea with roosters crowing in the background. Eventually someone with LG told me they were going to send another technician. This guy came, however he was concerned that if there were leaks from his repairs and the gas from the refrigerator caught fire it could blow my house up....he was inexperienced with LG refrigerators and he didn't do any work on the refrigerator ( I thanked him sincerely for being an honest man.
Now, here I am after 15 months (including two thanksgivings and christmases)....its apparent they don't know what the hell they're doing- they won't repair the refrigerator and they won't give my money back that I paid for this piece of crap.
I wouldn't take another LG product if they were giving them away!

Jan 23, 2023
LG is the worst. NEW
by: Anonymous

As part of the class action law suit, I called LG customer service they will not pay for my fridge repairs and I am 3500 dollar in and am now buying a new fridge. I question why the big box stores don't care about their customers and continue to sell this very faulty brand.

Jan 02, 2023
LG is junk NEW
by: Anonymous

LG, frig, dishwasher, microwave and stove fan all failed in less than 3 years from brand new. Wish I had purchased a different brand.
Frig compressor failed in well known fault
Microwave magnaton fail almost a year out of the box
Dishwasher had numerous problems from failed pumps to defective valves
Will never purchase an LG anything again.

Oct 31, 2022
cant get ANYONE in CHGO to fix it NEW
by: Dion Lesker

called 11 times in 1-1/2 weeks, nobody EVER calls back. I offered to bring the fridge to them, STILL noone.
Bad enough lost all our food, cant get repaired, phone system they have is the pits. 11 requests!!
11 repair numbers so far , and still no service date.
They are really out to lunch PERNAMENTLY.
Its a joke.
Its a waste of money to EVER buy one.

Jul 16, 2022
by: Anonymous

LG dishwasher fixed twice, oven once, fridge 2
Twice ( repair man never fixed it correctly the first time)
2018 when purchased. I expect the over the oven microwave vent to go next. You now have to call a central call centre to book appointments that take over 2 weeks to show up. And in the case of the fridge show up and don’t fix the problem and leave. Now waiting for him to come back, give me strength.
This company is by far the worst experience I’ve had in a very long time.

Nov 26, 2021
I will never buy an LG product of any kind. NEW
by: Erwan B.

PC monitor with bad pixels, microwave dead right out of the box. Now we are hearing that GM and Hyundai stopped the production of their EV cars because they are using dangerously defective LG batteries.

Nov 18, 2021
by: Christina

Don't buy LG appliances I'm glad I'm not the only one that got screwed

Sep 16, 2021
by: Shannon R

I have had this Kenmore /LG compressor refrigerator only a little over 2 years. I found out Kenmore only now warranties their refrigerators 1 year, even on internal major components?! This changed around 2017 from 5 years on the "powertrain" warranty for compressor when the main component was found to be faulty. How shady is that? I was advised Kenmore and LG are a good brand and should last for 10-20 years??! I cannot believe I will be out $2000 for this refrigerator. I also cannot believe Kenmore and LG knows about this and dismisses their customers and does not care if people can afford this costly repair or that they bought a high end refrigerator that was known to have a default. If in fact this part is warrantied with LG, I expect labor to be covered as well but I have been advised by Sears and Kenmore they will not cover the cost repair of $500-$1000 and LG denied all claims!! I have also been told and read articles it will fail again because they only offer replacement on the same junk part. How dare these companies be so greedy as to not back their product and continue to sell with parts you know are junk because you don’t want to spend the money to do it right.

Jun 24, 2021
I got one NEW
by: Peggy eilrich

The ice maker is a joke, it has two and you can’t get enough ice for one day, inside isn’t that good. Wish I had checked before buying have had it about three months and hate it but now I’m stuck. Hope this helps others to never buy an LGRefrigerator

May 11, 2021
LG Fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought my Piece of Crap in 2015. My beautiful LG fridge, just broke down for the 4th Time. They Have no Shame selling this Product.... Shame on Lg and any Company that sell there not Bye LG

Mar 08, 2021
Never Buy LG Refrigerator_ Customer Service NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought LG refrigerator 2015. Since then, I had to replace its 'ice maker', 'compressor' and 'motherboard'.

Last time when its motherboard was replaced, it stopped running within 2 hours after the replacement.

LG technician mad a FAKE REPORT saying that it stopped running due to an electrical issue with our outlet. What a ridiculous made-up story!!

Now, LG Service is telling me that I need to pay for the repair after they FAILED to repair in a timely manner with its 30-day warranty!

After dealing with LG Customer Service and a lousy technician with bad attitudes, I'll never buy LG product in my life!!

Jan 08, 2021
Three broken door harness wires NEW
by: Anonymous

LG does not back their product. Beautiful design Inferior quality . I hear of other problems with LG but with mine no ice or water from dispenser. Repair was no help. Went through the motions. My husband decided to investigate and found three broken wires in door harness. Inferior quality and design. Attempting to find a new DOOR before buying a new refrigerator. Not able to attach photo of wire harness for viewing.

Oct 07, 2020
The WORST experience out of any company EVER NEW
by: Anonymous

I have never had a worst experience than dealing with LG warranty/service department. The amount of FRUSTRATION, non-sense responses from their support team, is INSANE.

Currently going on 2.5 Weeks, 5 missed tech appointments. With no reason as to why the tech doesn't show up. Plus...they charged me to repair my fridge...Now I'm stuck...No repair, no tech, no fridge. Incredible. LG...You are killing your own business!!!

Sep 10, 2020
Do not buy LG NEW
by: Anonymous

MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE DURING A PANDEMIC- I purchased an LG fridge in 2017 when I renovated the kitchen at my mother’s home . The fridge stopped cooling. I contacted LG repair on JUNE 20, 2020 and set an appointment for the repair.
The appointment was set for JUNE 24. 2020 with the tech.
The designated tech did not show up instead another technician showed up saying that the tech is ill, and he is a substitute, however, he is not an expert on the compressor, and we may need to reschedule. I contacted LG the same day and rescheduled the next available tech could only come on July 2nd between 8-12. Waited for the 2nd tech to come (mind you in the interim we had to throw away all of the food in the fridge/ Medications that needed cooling. On the 2nd I receive a call from another tech saying that the scheduled tech Robert could not come and that he will be substituting for him. However, since we only were added to his route he can be there in the evening. We waited and the tech came and changed the compressor. He told us to wait 24 hours once the fridge cools it is 100% fixed. We waited 24 hours and went to Costco to buy everything again to fill the fridge we spent over $750.00 the fridge was cooling for about a week but made a strange whistling sound. about a week later we noticed that it was not cooling again so I ordered 2 fridge thermometers from amazon. We set the fridge on the lowest setting and the temperature inside was between 55- 60 degrees. Once again, we had to throw away all the food purchased. Called LG and scheduled another appointment for AUG 19, 2020. The tech showed up and said that we need to replace the compressor and hose again. He seemed more knowledgeable from the previous tech. He worked on the fridge and he said that this time for sure the fridge will work in 24 hours. Once again, we had to threw away all the food and medication and buy everything new. Due to the fact that I am battling Cancer and have a very low immune system I cannot afford to be out in the stores on a weekly basis and I had to make one big shop again. Once again trusting that everything will be all right. The fridge stopped working again same issue. I called the repair department and was transferred to a supervisor who advised me that they will put in a claim for a replacement fridge and a food waste allowance. I specifically asked her to send me a check instead so I can go and buy a fridge, she advised me that that is not the way it handled. I can buy a mini-fridge and they will replace my fridge. She also advises that if I purchase one now I will be stuck with 2 refrigerators, and that she could not expedite this she gave me a claim # and advised that someone would contact me to arrange the replacement. I went ahead and purchased a mini fridge and a deep freezer to keep the necessities and the meat and waited it has been over 2 weeks. I was contacted by text by a very rude individual who claims they will settle this for $700 .I asked them to call me or give me the contact details and this rep refused ( and keeps texting me ) once again I called LG and talked to ANN at 877-543-8325 who assured me that the replacement request was put in 9/2/2020 and that she will call me the next day 8:00 AM and have an account executive handle my case she advised me to ignore the texts I’m getting . This morning I waited, and no one called. The rude rep by the name of Shaza Robinson still keeps on texting me arguing in a text, refused to call me or provide contact information.
This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable. My mom is a 75 year old cancer patient she can no longer live without a refrigerator and deal with all of the lies and unprofessionalism of the LG reps . I was promised a replacement fridge and compensation for the food waste and the purchase of a mini fridge . This has been going on for 3 months and now LG is refusing to honor the warranty !!!!

Aug 31, 2020
by: Anonymous

LG SUCKS 4 year old refrigerator quit cooling.
Service techs say not worth fixing. I paid
$2000. Shame on you LG

Jun 04, 2020
Even with the extended warranty... NEW
by: Anonymous

We bought an LG French Door fridge back in May 2014 from Lowe's (~$2700) and wisely ponied up for the 5 year extended warranty. We had issues with the blower/fan within a few months which was fixed by LG under a service bulletin. We then had an issue at about 18 months, and the only contracted LG service provider that Lowe's extended warranty works with pretty much refused to come out, they gave us a timeline of 3 months, which is totally unacceptable.

After dealing with Lowe's for multiple hours on the phone and in-person, and filing a claim for the lost food and seeing what my options were (they offered me a 'loaner' fridge, they could not get me an appointment any sooner through their contracted provider), they finally agreed to refund me the entire purchase price of the fridge and warranty, since they could not service the product. And then the fridge magically started working again. So, I got a "free" fridge, but had to deal with it spoiling all of our food on 3 separate occasions.

Fast forward to May 2020, everything has been working alright for a few years, but the icemaker seems to stop working. Order a new icemaker from Amazon, but also notice some food is molding/spoiling faster than normal. Temps are 20 degrees above what they're set to. Finally find a company to come out and do a service call. There's a leak somewhere in the sealed system, minimum $450 to fix if you're extremely lucky, could be > $1000 easily. Tech recommended not to spend any money on the LG and cut your losses and go with a different brand.

Interestingly enough, the local store (not a chain) where we bought our new fridge from told us that they're not ordering any more Samsung or LG fridges, since people come back mad at the store since they have had all sorts of problems with them. Apparently Samsungs are notorious for icemaker and condensation problems, while LGs have a very poor track record of compressors going bad / leaks.

Jun 04, 2020
Worst customer service ever NEW
by: Betty M

Worst customer service ever. My elderly parents, 88 and 86 years old, have been on quarantine because of the Covid pandemic. My mom is on hospice with care providers and requires medications and food for the care team to be refrigerated. My dad has a heart condition & health issues also. They purchased a LG French door refrigerator, for almost $2900 in July 2017. This unit went out a month ago and we have not been able to get LG to send any service technician. They have no one in our area supposedly. I have made over 20 phone calls and two very lengthy email requests to no avail. Not one single representative at LG seems interested in servicing the client and have nothing but excuses to offer. This happened to my sister about a year ago when her refrigerator was only 2 1/2 years old and it took over two weeks to have hers fixed. They may sell the product but they have no interest in servicing their warranty. Never buy LG. Worst WORST service ever!

May 09, 2020
Worst service ever NEW
by: John Schell Veteran

I purchased LG French door fridge from Lowe's about your year's ago because it had two ice makers, since day one ice would form under freezer draw then melt and leak onto my floor would have to chip sheet of ice out from under draw about every two weeks. I called and was told they needed serial number, so i emailed picture of tag to them , for two weeks i called and emailed everyday got no response, they did tell me the first time I had a five year warranty, then in same breathe said it was out of warranty when asked the could not tell me WHY they said that then they stopped answering my calls and emails, do no buy any LG product or Samsung had similar problem with them.

May 09, 2020
Worst service ever NEW
by: John Schell Veteran

I I purchased LG French door fridge from Lowe's about your year's ago because it ga two ice makers, since day one ice would form under freezer draw then melt and leak onto my floor would have to chip sheet of ice out from under draw about every two weeks. I called and was told they needed serial number, so i emailed picture of tag to them , for two weeks i called and emailed everyday got no response, they did tell me the first time I had a five year warranty, then in same breathe said it was out of warranty when asked the could not tell me WHY they said that then they stopped answering my calls and emails, do no buy any LG product or Samsung ha similar problem with them.

Apr 30, 2020
LG refrigerator model LMXS30776 NEW
by: Anonymous

beautiful fridge great functionality. Till its not! -in about 5 years. compressor went about a week ago. It been serviced twice by LG and its still not working paid close to 3k for this and was totally not worth it. Don't buy any LG appliance.

Mar 05, 2020
Lemon NEW
by: Ed

We bought an LG french door refrig ($3000) 2/18/17. Since then it has seen 4 ice-makers, 4 compressors, no fewer than 12 repair calls and lastly a capillary tube replacement. As of today, it has been running for a month (a new record).

We had to buy a spare refrigerator for the garage to survive.

Jan 09, 2020
Eldelry Dealing with the LG
by: Anonymous

My parents have been eating out of coolers and a small refrigerator for a month. Practically new the LG appliance broke down. Many calls and case numbers later they need more time to determine how to fix the problem. My parents have lost money on the LG refrigerator purchase. They need to keep medicine refrigerated. They cook at home but have to eat out a lot lately. Their kids bring food to them. Thanks, LG for the extra burden! We have really paid for our LG experience.

Oct 31, 2016
LG model lfxs24566S
by: Anonymous

Discovered that the plastic in the inside door was cracked. LG will not warranty and this is less than 1 month since we received the fridge.

Apr 06, 2015
lg washer, fridge and microwave
by: rich

the washer (top loader) can't make it through a full cycle without rebalancing 6-8 times, the fridge is noisy and icemaker fan had to be replace in less than 2 years, the microwave 'popped' in less than two years due to a wire pinched at assembly and burned through subsequently.......LG is "Lotta Garbage"

Mar 10, 2015
Don't buy LG Appliances
by: Joe

LG refuses to sell me a part for my fridge. I can order it online but LG refuses to ship to Canada.

LG has a service special though. A one time fee of $175 and they will fix the unit no matter what is wrong. This is ridiculous. I know what is wrong and the part I need costs $24. But they are very sorry they can not ship it to me.

If you can not get parts, you can not support a brand.

Dec 12, 2014
dont buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous


Jul 27, 2011
LG French Door Refrigerator is the Biggest Piece of Junk I Ever Purchased
by: Anonymous

We Bought a french door LG refrigerator its the biggest piece of junk I have ever purchased!

First the plastic pieces that hold the shelves broke after 2 months,then the light inside doesn't work. I've even read that some of the LG models caught fire because of the light.

I will NEVER buy another LG product.

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