LG Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator (model GR620RW)

by Simone
(Alberta, Canada)

My LG top mount freezer refrigerator is an absolutely dreadful fridge.

  • Water literally pours from a vent inside AND leaks from the outside at the bottom Left side!!!

  • Inside the fridge, there are spots that freeze completely, leaving me with frozen cheeses/salad/eggs, etc...if I don't move everything to the hit-and-miss non-freezing areas!!

  • I have a constant sheet of ice on the top shelf!!
    Ridiculous...and has nothing to do with the temperature setting...it happens no matter what the setting is at.

    I have had problems with my OTHER LG appliances as well...staying clear of any more of their merchandise.

    I would recommend you do the same.

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Comments for LG Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator (model GR620RW)

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Feb 22, 2017
Drain pulled OR
by: Anonymous

Drain pulled OR

"LG's design requires a drain heater element, to melt the ice that normally occurs due to the design.
If this element fails, the drain clogs with ice, and so does the floor of the freezer, and then the floor in front of freezer."


Sep 22, 2014
by: Joe the Plumber

YOUR DRAIN IS PLUGGED. This should resolve the issue.

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