LG French Door Refrigerator (Model #LMX25981ST)

by Susan
(Portland, OR)

The non functioning seal on my LG refrigerator

The non functioning seal on my LG refrigerator

I purchased this LG French door refrigerator 2 years ago because after the door seal on the 4 year old Whirlpool refrigerator started coming off.

Just a door seal but for some strange reason it could not be replaced. Get this one: the only way to repair the seal was to replace the whole door. Huh? Isn't that like throwing the baby out with the bath water?

The reason why I even bought my LG fridge was because a few of my co-workers had one and liked it as well as the sales person at Fry's Electronics said the seal on LG refrigerators should last a long time.

I guess his definition of a long time is two years. The good news is the seal can be replaced without buying a new door.

***The other problem I've had with this refrigerator was shortly after purchase. Food in the bottom drawer refrigerator would freeze.

I have been shopping for reliable appliances and have not found one yet.

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