LG Model LMX25964ST0O1B0118

by Mary A Homrighaus
(San ANtonio Texas)



Purchased from, CONNS Electronics in San Antonio Tx.

Its a stainless steel, french door, bottom freezer refrigerator. Bought it November 2012 and as of 3 weeks ago, the compressor went out on it.

Called CONNS and they have been messing with us about getting it fixed. First time a service guy came out, he showed up with no tools or equipment and said he needed to come back another day.

Took about 7 days for the new compressor to come in and it took the service guy 3 1/2 hours to put it in. Now, he says its got some kind of blockage and he needs to order another part for the refrigerator, but that he doubts that will get it to working right. So, we have been living out of ice chests because CONNS wants to fix it when they feel they are good and ready to do it, even tho I still have it under warranty.

I am very upset. don't know what to do next. Contact LG?

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