Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator (model #PLHS237ZCB1)

by Can we fix anything in America?
(South Shore, Mass)

I bought my side by side Frigidaire/Electrolux refrigerator in 2003 and it has been freezing food in lower half of refrigerator.

At first it seemed like an easy problem even thought I might fix it myself because blogs seemed to indicated damper control or thermostat.

I received no help from Frigidaire customer service. So I called a repair service. I called the repair service of the place where I bought the appliances. Y.E.s, a big appliance dealer in south Boston, Ma.

Well, that was on May 23rd. And every week since a new repair person comes back to work on the problem. They never come with parts and one repair person doesn't know what happened on the last call. So I just called Frigidaire and they basically said they don't expect refrigerators to last a lifetime. 8 Years old, I guess is a lifetime.

So if you like new appliances and like to replace them every 8 years get a Frigidaire.

By the way, this was a family of two, sometime three using this appliance. Stainless steel. It is so OLD it doesn't even have a scratch on it.

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Aug 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Exactly the same story for me.

I was told to just go and buy a new fridge.

Well, the next one will NOT be a Frigidaire.

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