Frigidaire Upper Freezer Refrigerator FRT211L6J

by Lawrence N.
(Kenai, Alaska,USA)

We purchased our Frigidaire upper freezer refrigerator at Lowes. It only worked for 22 months. Warranty was only for 12 months. Price was $780 and we waited over a month for delivery in the color and stainless finish.

When it stopped working I called the Electrolux service line and they recommend a repair agency in our area. Also called Lowes and they also recommended the same place.

Being an Aircraft mechanic by trade for over 45 years . I verified that both fans and the compressor were still functioning and evaporator fans were still clean and dust free as new. The service man verified it was out of refrigerant - freon. No leak was found.

The cost for recharging was quoted at $300 to $400 and recommended that it would be advisable to purchase another refrigerator.

In my opinion this is very poor quality and now a pretty piece of junk. I have some refrigeration equipment that is over 60 years old and still running properly.

This was made in Mexico for what it's worth.I will never purchase another Frigidaire/Electrolux product again.

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