PHSC39EGSSO - Frigidaire Stainless Steel Side By Side Commercial Refrigerator

by Dave

We bought this commercial line Frigidaire refrigerator not quite four years ago because of the Frigidaire reputation, price, and look. Boy have we been disappointed.

The ice maker has broken twice. The second time it broke, it shorted out all of the electronics so basically everything needed to be replaced.

Just today, the lever that you put a glass against to get water snapped off.

I've gotten to know my refrigerator repairman a little too well since we got this unit. The repairman said that the water dispenser level breaks on these all the time...great endorsement.

The only good thing I can say about this refrigerator is that with a little respectful complaining, I was able to get the parts for free even though it was past its warranty. That does not help with the labor costs though.

I would not recommend this refrigerator to anyone.

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