Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator (model# FPHB2899LF3)

I absolutely cannot recommend this Frigidaire French door refrigerator model FPHB2899LF3 until they admit what they know and recall all of the units with the icemaker issues.

We have had 9 service visits to date at 11 months old and it still does not make ice. Frigidaire only counts this as two visits as there has only been two parts installed, more than once though.

If they correct this, and it sounds like they have on the new model, serial # must end in 4 not 1, this is a fantastic appliance. That however still leaves me (as well as many others) with a frustrating piece of !!***&#@

This is a great old company who needs to admit they made a mistake as we all do and recall or do something to take care of the loyal customers before we are all gone to another mfg.

Does anyone know if there is a lawsuit against Frigidaire for exactly this? I would love to hear it and am sure there are more than a handful of others interested as well.

One should not have to beg to be treated fairly!!

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Comments for Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator (model# FPHB2899LF3)

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Feb 15, 2022
Rusting through back due to defective ice maker NEW
by: Larry

I have a Frigidaire French door frig that froze up and quit working on Thanksgiving of all days.
We called the next day and the service technician came armed with a hair dryer to thaw the ice build up in the rear wall. I pointed out the rust and hole in the back of the 5 year old frig and his response was "Oh, that problem". He then told me it would cost ME $500.00 to fix it with an insulation kit.

The frig froze up again with in a year and I took the inside panel off and thawed it myself rather than another $200.00 bill.

I then took a roll of leftover roof vent seal that is about 5 inches wide with a sticky tar surface and foil backing available in any DIY store and put 2 layers over the rusty area. The foil backing blends in well with the metal rear panel and sealed it well. No problem since with leak or freeze up.

Jul 25, 2021
Frigidaire French Door - Ice Maker NEW
by: Anonymous

We have had our Frigidaire French Door refrigerator for about 6 years. The ice maker has only worked about 6 months of the entire time. We had it serviced once and it worked for about a week and then again nothing. It freezes up in the back and it has now almost rusted through the back metal panel. Do not buy one of these! I'm sick of buying bags of ice.

Jun 09, 2021
Frigidaire French door refrigerator ice maker
by: Anonymous

Peace of junk...purchased our fridge in 05/2018. The ice maker worked for about 6 months when it quit making ice. Called RC Wiley...they sent technician out to service it...worked for a couple days then crapped out again. Called again they sent another technician out...he replaced another part again. Ice maker worked for about 2 weeks. Called again...same issue worked for another month then crapped out again. Was sitting at the dinner table when all of a sudden water starts pouring out of the dispenser...luckily we were home or we would have come home to a flooded home. Anyway we decided to turn off the ice maker and also turned the water off in the back of the fridge. We have an extended warranty but do I call it in again? No I don’t trust this fridge now. Even after all of that the unit makes noise like it’s trying to drop ice cubes...this fridge is possessed...never again!!!!!will I ever buy another Frigidaire....

Oct 28, 2019
Ice Maker NEW
by: Anonymous

Model # FFHB2750TD3 french door.
Had problems making ice called repairman and he replaced the unit. Made ice for just under two months. Then no ice.
Had to replace fan and remove ice build up.
Got it all back together making ice only now I only get crushed ice not cubes.
Also wasted space between the shelves. Not a lot of room in freezer for big family.
I would never buy Frigidaire again.

May 25, 2018
Bad ice maker frustrating NEW
by: Anonymous

We've been messing with the ice maker for some time now. Seems to do what it wants. Sometimes it makes ice, but only to melt it later on. Water drips from the ice bin down the inside door drawers filling them up and eventually out the front of the water dispenser. Stupid and messy. It appears that the heat bar to release the ice cubes gets stuck on. And I've always thought it was stupid that is dispenses warm, not cold water from the water dispenser. Should've made it come through being cold water. Especially since the dang ice maker doesn't work...

Jan 02, 2018
Professional Line_I think NOT !! NEW
by: Anonymous

Same bad products (Professional line) here. Have has major issues with Microwave, Dishwasher, Range and most of all the refrigerator. The ref. requires constant parts changing and don't even get me started on what they include on these models as an ice-maker.

Aug 05, 2016
by: Leigh Ann

I have this fridge and my ice maker hasn't worked in over a year and that's after I already had it "repaired" once before! I finally gave in and had Sears come today and the quote to fix it was $1,100!!!!

Mar 31, 2016
French door Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

This refrigerator is Junk I have had 8 service calls first was seal on upper ice maker second was because the interior of ice maker was full of rust now neither of my ice makers are working they have had me empty and thaw it out so he could get ice maker out to replace when he came back to do that he said it is unrepairable but Lowes said they talked to Frigidaire techs and they say it repairable so know they are coming out to replace both ice maker and put that magical part in that's going to make it all better I am so glad I had bought the extended warranty they have put more into parts and labor then I paid for the refrigerator. When I have talked to anyone Frigidaire,Lowes they say its going to be all better I have my doubts its a lemon and they need to just replace it. After reading all these issues I cannot believe they don't I will never ever buy another one of there products. Talking with the reps from Frigidaire and Lowes is like talking to a recording yes mam we understand how frustrating this is I think they must just repeat it over and over.

Feb 14, 2016
Continued ice maker issues
by: Cathy

Well we are of course having major issues with our ice maker-- surprise surprise. It also looks like we've missed the deadline for the class action lawsuit... Is there anything else we can do?

Jan 09, 2016
Boycott Electrolux & Frigidaire
by: Mad in Florida

Electrolux knowingly produced a faulty ice maker in their refrigerators, and never issued a recall. After less than 5 years for a French Door fridge, we are faced with replacing as our ice maker no longer works, and the extended warranty won't replace again for the 4th time. (Lemon). Electrolux will not issue a monetary credit, as there is a class action lawsuit against them. We will now receive $100 as consideration. (They will give us a $100 coupon also) So, our $2,500 fridge is worthless after 5 years. I recently replaced a basic fridge in a rental property that retails for $1,000 that was still running strong after 8 years, only issue was a slight water leak at the dispenser. I will never knowingly purchase a product produced by this company again. Can you imagine how much loyalty they will lose because they wouldn't acknowledge the defect? Stay far away from any of their products, especially a refrigerator.

Jan 09, 2016
the french door handles are bad
by: adelina perez

I just bought my frig in March of 2015 and I just had the handle on the freezer door replaced ...they do not cover anything the control panel was going up and down and my food spoiled . the handle when it came off it dented the panel and now I have an $1800.00 frig that is not even a year old and they wont replace the panel.....

Aug 12, 2015
ice maker disaster
by: Patricia Cardone

We purchased the fridge in June 2014. Both the freezer and in door ice makers have ceased to function multiple times. The store where I purchased it came out 6 times to service it, replacing various parts. Now, just after a year, the augur for the upper ice drawer has ceased to function so the ice gets made but will not push forward or eject. The water dispenser still works fine. I have the option of reaching my paws in there to grab ice or just dumping it weekly so at least we can use the water dispenser. Very disappointing.

Jul 30, 2015
Same issue
by: Anonymous

I paid quite a bit for this refrigerator and had an ice maker less than a year. Within that year I had a few service calls. As soon as the warranty ended, it shut down completely. Terrible situation!

Jun 18, 2015
Ice maker problem frigiaire/ Recall Neede
by: Matt

I purchased back in 2011. Had problem w ice machine freezing up. Repair man thawed out and told me this happens a lot and to thaw out on my own when it occurs. I called again today , after this method stopped working and the corporate rep. Offered no good resolution. I wanted my machine fixed , not thawed by a repair man in the original complaint.
I asked her if any recalls on this product as I have seen so many complaints . Overall I like the fridge , but this ice machine is JuNK. They should pony up and make right with customers who made a purchase expecting a good decent product. I am not happy , I am frosted !!!!!!!

Apr 12, 2015
Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator is the WORST EVER
by: Anonymous

I have the same problems as the rest. Received a 2nd refrgerator; however, it is no better. The refrigerator broke on average of every 3 to 4 months! Now that my extended warranty is up! it is broken yet again!

Nov 16, 2014
Piece of Junk
by: Dave

Same issues as others. Purchased repair kit with control board. Since I am handy I fixed it myself. Worked for about 4 months.
Broken again and now won't dispense water either.
Also, when working Ice maker was not cold enough so ice melted together and couldn't be dispensed properly. Never have I spent so much for something that made me this frustrated or have had the feeling of being totally ripped off. Customer service is no help. The product sucks and the company is a joke.

Oct 07, 2014
Ice Maker
by: Anonymous/ Brooklyn

This model's ice maker is no good. The company knows it because they designed a kit to place at the back of the ice maker.
But the kit helps the ice maker work for no more than 3 months or so and the ice maker stops making ice.
I purchased this piece of junk in June 2014 and have had 3 service calls under 1 year warranty. It is broken again and now have to serviced again under the extended warranty purchased from another company. I am sure this extended-warranty company when it services my ice maker for next 2 times in in 6 months is going to tell Frigidaire to get it right.

I will never purchase a Frigidaire again. Frigidaire makes you call the service dept not on toll free # but a long distance line. It sucks, for I have to use my minutes on the cell phone plan. And the service dept makes you wait for at least 30 to 40 minutes before you can speak to a customer service rep.

Sep 18, 2014
never again
by: florida

I will never buy a frigidaire appliance again, due to the troubles I've had. If we all do the same they will cease to exist. I never received any Help from them, so they don't care about long-term customers. Karma.

Sep 18, 2014
Issues with ice maker and water dispenser
by: Anonymous

Luckily I purchased the extended warranty when I got this refrigerator. I've had service on it at least 5 times since I purchased it in July 2010. Again today, my water dispenser is not dispensing. I've had ice maker issues before, the main board has been replaced, all internal ice maker parts replaced in the freezer compartment, and so on and so on. My model is FPHB2899LF4 so I'm afraid the newer model number is NO better.

Jul 04, 2014
by: Anonymous


May 21, 2014
Piece of @#$%
by: Anonymous New Jersey

Ice maker stopped working less than a year after it was purchased (2010). I read so many horrible postings about getting it repaired both with the repairmen and dealing with Frigidaire customer service that I didn't even bother calling. Literally hundreds of different complaints on-line. And those where from those who took the time to complain. Disgraceful that a company would have such incompetent people working for them and that they would not stand behind their product. It seems that the whole icemaker needs to be replaced. Anybody have any luck at all with this type of solution.

Mar 03, 2014
Ice Maker - will Frigidaire make it right?
by: Michael

I just sent the Frigidaire Corporation an email via their web site to tell them about the wiring harness broken wires corrosion and thermostat failure on the ice maker of my unit - just over a year old: $531 in repairs so far. Apparently I'm not alone - seems like almost all owners are having various problems with the ice maker. I purchased my unit at a military exchange. If Frigidaire make this right, I will follow this up with positive comments. If not, they will suffer the wrath of the Military Retiree network. We will do everything in our power to have Frigidaire products removed from shelves of Miltary Exchanges - at least in the San Diego area. More to follow...

Jan 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

My French door frigidaire is less then 2 years old and I am now replacing it with another brand. I will never buy another fridigaire appliance again. They know that the ice maker and freezer is a design flaw and they will not stand behind their appliance. I am so angry, but have given up . But everyone will know about my experience with this brand. Ask any appliance repair person, how they feel about this model. They hate this model and don't wont to work on them, because they know it won't fix the problem.

Dec 12, 2013
Horrible fridge-how to get help?
by: Florida

I have had the same problem with the ice maker. going on #4 now. How and who can we contact to get a new fridge or refund? We've had this piece of xx&# since Jan 2011, and have all the same issues expressed on this forum. We have repair #4 on the ice maker soon, but this is absurd. This fridge should have been recalled, because their fixes don't work. Should we contact the store? Electrolux? they weren't too helpful when I initially called. Advise? thank you!

Dec 06, 2013
Same problem with ice machine.
by: Bobinh2otown

I have had the same problem with the ice machine here, 4 times they came over to fix it and finally because of the extended warranty they wrote a check for the full cost. But left that refrigerator here. Never took it , what Am I suppose to do with it? please someone advise me. Should I just get it hauled away or waste my time and call Frigidaire on it...
personally I don't even want to call them they are so hypocritical and lied on the phone about it several times..

should I throw it away or make sure they come and get it...

Oct 31, 2013
Don't buy Frigidaire
by: Anonymous

Do not buy this piece of junk. I had to replace the main board within a couple of weeks of purchase back in 2011. Now it is 2013 and have to replace the ice maker main board. JEFF with Frigidaire said he could understand my frustration but had no answers as to why so many people are having problems with this particular model. Well I do, piece of junk and Frigidaire needs to recall especially when they have the guys doing my work take the ice maker board with them and are having them send it back in to find out what caused the problem to make the next model better. Won't be buying Frigidaire again. Also, asked to take survey after discussion on phone and JEFF disconnected me. Guess he did not want a bad review on his name because he was absolutly no help.

Sep 12, 2013
Ice Maker Issues
by: Anonymous

Same problem as the rest of the Post's. Bought this unit in Jan. 2011, and in about 4 months the ice maker went out. The covered the parts under warranty and fast forward to 2013 (June) and the same problem exists with the ice maker. Sent another $500 without fixing the problem. Called Frigidaire and they recommend a second opinion and gave me some numbers to call and they would cover the parts but not the labor or would give me a 60% rebate on a new one. This ice maker is a piece of junk.

Jan 14, 2013
Same problems with Ice Maker now the freezer fails
by: Ian

Had all the techs out until they put in the new electrical board and fixed the ice maker although it makes strange noises sometimes.

Its been good for a while but I just woke up to a melted freezer and a high temp alarm.

This is fridge was made to last...a month.

May 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I purchased the above model with the serial# attached 4A04815415 in 07/2011. Shortly after purchase the ice maker broke and they changed the whole control panel for the fridge.Now in May 2012 the ice maker is broken again. Tomorrow the repair man is coming so we'll see what the story is. I'm going to try for a new fridge.

May 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I purchased the above model with the serial# attached 4A04815415 in 07/2011. Shortly after purchase the ice maker broke and they changed the whole control panel for the fridge.Now in May 2012 the ice maker is broken again. Tomorrow the repair man is coming so we'll see what the story is. I'm going to try for a new fridge.

May 03, 2012
Same Ice Maker Issue
by: Ron

I have the same model. Purchased in Dec 2010. This is the third time the ice maker has broken. I contacted Fridigaire customer service since my mfg warranty has expired. I do have a service protection agreement with another company, but I should not have to use that company yet to fix a part that has been serviced twice within the warranty period. At first the rep said they would cover the part, but not the labor. I said that was not acceptable, really went after the rep and asked to speak to his supervisor. After 10 minutes waiting, he came back and said they will pay for part and labor. Bottom line is this is a poor design. The last service tech said Frigidaire fixed this issue in the newer models.

Apr 14, 2012
The cure
by: Anonymous

Frigidaire will replace the unit if you get the right tech at the house.There is a service kit to install if it dont work they will replace the unit.

Mar 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Frigidaire French door model in October of 2010. The ice maker quit working 2 or 3 times in that time. Now today the entire refrigerator and freezer completely shut down.

It is very frustrating to spend that kind of money on an appliance and not be able to depend on it.

The repair man just left and said it could be a computer problem or a refrigerant problem. It is plugged in and running and we will keep checking on it for the next few hours to see what is going on.


Feb 27, 2012
Don't Buy Frigidaire Appliances!!
by: Anonymous

I bought this Frigidaire back in Nov 2010. The unit started leaking & problems with making ice just a few days after it arrived.

We had service people come out twice. The latest was in November 2011. Once again the unit has the same problem. They told me that they can only cover the parts, but not the labor.

This is completely unacceptable. They knew of the problem and could not fix it, but I have to pay for them to get it fixed.

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Jan 30, 2012
Frigidaire Refrigerator model #FPHB2899LF5
by: jim lehr

Be persistent with your icemaker issues.

They do have it figured out, we got a replacement one and it is now the great appliance that
Frigidaire is known for.

To have the icemaker in it that works (new style) it must have been built 4/1/11 or later, the twelth week of 2011.

This info is in the serial #. It took many phone calls and much time, Frigidaire did however ultimately do the right thing!!

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