Frigidaire French Door/Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model fphb2899lf)

by Walter H.
(Arcadia, CA)

How come I never found a Frigidaire refrigerator review that told me that their ice maker's are junk and quit making ice after about two weeks before I bought mine?!?!

The service tech has been out six times to repair since I purchased the unit in July 2010!!

I will be be calling for repair service again since the unit has quit making ice again.

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Nov 19, 2020
by: Bill

Bought the Frigidaire Gallery Series for our home with the French door and the ice maker has been a problem for years. It freezes up and will not distribute ice. Our company will never buy Frigidaire or Electrolux appliances ever again nor place them in a new customer's home. Terrible, terrible ice maker. Look at buying other major brands. The other comments are spot on.

Sep 22, 2020
Ice Maker NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought this refrigerator in October of 2016 and have had nothing but trouble I have had the ice maker repaired 4 times. This time spent $500 since out of warranty and worked for a week. They are offering me a 20% rebate to buy another of their brand. NO WAY IN HELL!!! Doing research, this model was involved in a class action lawsuit in 2015 and had to submit claim prior to when I purchased mine. I asked why they are selling a defective product they knew did not work and no answer. I am so angry right now. The handles have fallen off, the seal needed to be replaced and it is leaking water all the time even with ice maker off.

Nov 30, 2018
Frigidaire Professional Refrigerator Fphb2899lfa NEW
by: Anonymous

Look on the back of refrigerator. If you see rust spots on the back or the temperature goes up (should be 37 refrigerator 0 freezer). Call Frigidaire immediately and get Frigidaire technician to come out. Kit or replacement depending on severity of icing. Also, I will never buy a refrigerator with ice maker in the refrigerator it should be in the freezer. The tech guy agreed.

Jun 03, 2017
I got Lucky
by: Anonymous

After many problems and 2 replacement units I finally got one that is working!! YAY
I had this one delivered in March 2015, and I was allowed to buy a new extended warranty which I've never used. It has 2 ice makers one on the top and one inside the bottom drawer. The bottom drawer ice maker uses up a lot of the freezer space however which is bad.

I'm at a crossroad now though as we sold our house and the new buyer wants my frig. If it was 2 years ago I would have said great and ran never looking back. Now I've got one that works and dread starting over in my new house. (Every review I've read about the bottom freezer units with ice maker on the top have issues no matter the manufacturer)

The buyer's agent tried to compare the Professional Model to a Gallery model to get my price way low (not enough to replace mine with a mediocre whirlpool side by side). Since I still have 2 years warranty on it, I'm taking it with me. I DO NOT want to start over and will keep my fingers crossed this one keeps working.

Jan 04, 2017
Garbage Appliance
by: Jennifer

I bought a house with this refrigerator in it and it's the biggest piece of junk. I've had nothing but issues, and looking at several hundred dollars more in repair work. I called Frigidaire, and spoke with April from corporate who was no help. Because the warranty isn't transferable, there's nothing that can be done. I can't believe Frigidaire wouldn't have a higher expectation of quality from a 3 year old, "top of the line", refrigerator. Disgusting.

Nov 05, 2016
Disgusted with Frigidaire
by: Stephanie

I am disgusted with Frigidaire and their customer service and will never buy one of their products again. We have a french door/bottom freezer, model FPHb2899LFB. We have had so many techs out that we are now going to buy a new fridge. There is a class action law suit on this model, BUT ours is apparently one year off from the models being recalled. "Since you are outside of your service agreement, we can only give you the name of a service provider in your area". That is it. When I told them that we DID have one come out FOUR times, and it is still NOT working, they had no comment, Just repeated their standard reply. I also mentioned that we have THREE Frigidaire appliances and they might consider flipping the bill to get this repaired in order to keep a customer, they wouldn't do so. I'm done with them. When I called them. If their own "certified" service repair people cannot fix it, then what do you do? My brother was also an executive there and was recently layed off after working with them for 8 years. He is SO glad to be gone. They don't him he was "redundant". They don't treat their employees well, hence it reflects on their products. Goodbye Frigidaire Hello Maytag!

Jun 30, 2016
Worst Ice Maker EVER ! ! !
by: Paul in Michigan

In Nov, 2014, we purchased a similar model (FFHB2740)which uses the same ice maker, and within 4-5 months the production had diminished to almost nothing in a 24 hr period. We had the Frigidaire authorized warranty service out 3X, it improved somewhat when they replaced the board, but has again diminished to very little. We had another service call a month later, and they said there was nothing wrong, just a low replenishment cycle. This year, we called in another service co., they made 5 visits, replaced the actual ice maker and the board, but no improvement ! ! !

It is a piece of JUNK ! We're calling Frigidaire today to see what they will say / do about it . .by now they have to know there is a major problem with this junk ! ! !

Dec 26, 2015
Update of previous refrig prob Dec 25, 2015
by: Mark S Engineer

Reference previous email. Refrig never hooked up to water. Glad, based upon all the problems reported by others. Using ice from local distributor.
Another observation is that many of the failures reported were on major holidays or events. No conspiracy is suggested here but they do have a Sabbath scheduler for the frig?
Power module or "boardswitch" on order. Will see if that works.

Dec 26, 2015
Frigidaire FPHN2899LF2
by: Mark S Engineer

Purchased 2012 Refrigerator/Dishwasher/Gas Range.
Gas Range, large heating unit is difficult to adjust flame. Dishwasher, one function on electronic control board failed within a month.
Both of these issues were not reported as they had a history on internet and it was obvious design problems. Dealing with them as minor issues.
Refrigerator failed Christmas Day 2015 before leaving for family event.No previous or day of failure warning at all. Power totally failed with no indications at all. Total blackout of functions, no display working, no cooling or freezing. Self diagnosed problem of power control module below left front freezer drawer. Manufacturer has replaced Part 241996324 with substitute 5303918505. Obviously an internal decision based upon failure rate. Electrolux makes these boards while compressor control boards are Brazillian Embraco.
Engineering review - this is a spacecraft of electrical design but like many home appliances the designers failed to account for the inevitable variations in utility power 120V. Surges are cumulative and damaging so the failures come in random fashion. The consumer ends up paying more in the long run.

May 27, 2015
water line freezing
by: gary

most of the problems with the upper ice maker on the French door model with lower freezer has been determined to be caused by a Frigidaire design flaw with the coolant line running to the top icemaker in the back wall of the unit. Apparently the insulation is insufficient or breaking down and allowing condensation and refreezing to occur. It has caused the back wall of my unit to bulge out and condensate on the exterior of the unit. It also seems to be the cause of no water flow to the icemaker and water dispenser due to the water freezing in the bladder located on the back lower wall of the unit behind which the flawed coolant lines are located. Frigidaire has quietly admitted a problem and is trying to engineer a fix which supposedly includes having to cut into the back wall of the unit %^$$& to "fix" and then patch the exterior wall. My unit is only two and one-half yrs old and I believe Frgidaire should be replacing the unit instead of providing a poor excuse for a repair. My understanding is they are replacing their units sold under the higher value Electrolux brand. time for a call to the new consumer protection commission.

May 07, 2015
Piece of junk
by: Clint

I will never buy a Frigidaire again, ice maker is so bad repair guy finally admitted, after being here 5 times, it's a faulty design and cannot be fixed, now the freezer has stopped working.

Mar 17, 2015
2nd Replacement on the way this week
by: Anonymous

I know the service man by first name now! Next week I am expecting delivery of my 3rd, yes 3, warranty replacement refrigerator. This time when I pulled it out to clean under and behind I found an area behind the ice maker where the Freon tube is located had frozen condensation causing rust on the metal sheeting. The sheeting was also bulging quite badly.
Immediately, the repair man called in for a replacement.
My extended warranty is up next year, the company will not renew, even though it is a new replacement frig.
I am trying to work out another warranty with Frigidaire. If I can't do this....I will pay for a private Home Insurance plan.

Mar 13, 2015
FPBH2899lf model problems
by: Chasalz

I too had serious problems back in 2010 when I bought the FPHB2899LF fridge. 6 calls in 8 weeks on icemaker. When it was working, It made little donut shaped ice (round hollow in the middle). After one or two angry phone calls, I finally received a brand-new unit shortly after, that has a totally redesigned icemaker. The ice is shaped like a small pyramid. After one Service call two years later, where they icemaker sensor on wires that dropped into the ice tray caught the tray when removing it and caused a massive short, Burning out the motherboard. The ice maker unit was again was designed same shape ice but a different type sensor. Has been working for three or four years with no difficulty. I am very happy with this unit. I keep the settings at-2° for freezer and 37° for the refrigerator.

Mar 09, 2015
FPHN2899LF2 No ice
by: Gary

I am having the same problems and have two different service techs try to fix the non-production of ice. Both techs replaced the ice makers. The second tech upon his recall visit suggested that the water line froze because the settings for the Freezer was too cold ( -1°). He reset the temperature to 1° and the ice maker worked, well at least for two weeks. His company is sending back at the end of the week!

Nov 09, 2014
by: Anonymous


Nov 03, 2014
FPHB2899LF4 ice maker
by: Chasalz

I purchased a "scratch and dent "unit with a five year warranty. After one week I had a service call for the icemaker. After a period of two months I had six calls for the Icemaker. At this point I complained and said this is a lemon and I want a replacement. After several weeks I received a brand new unit of the exact same refrigerator model. It worked well for about two years and then when replacing the ice tray, the tray caught the sensor ripped it off the wires causing a massive motherboard short and other problems. At this point they replaced the entire icemaker unit with a totally different design. It has been running beautifully for six months with absolutely no trouble whatsoever there is a totally new way the ice is made. it is no longer semi circles with a center hole, but little pyramids. If you insist on getting this new icemaker design with the way the ice is formed in pyramids, I believe your problems will go away.

Oct 23, 2014
French door
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and the extended warranty just went out. This is the third time it has went out in a little over 2 yrs.No more Frigidaires for me.

Aug 10, 2014
Ice Maker (drips)
by: Curtis

The ice maker on this model is just plain dysfunctional. Luckily, I bought an extended warranty, which I didn't do for my Frigidaire microwave (currently sitting in my car truck waiting to be delivered to the recycling center).

The company has been out to fix the ice maker problem 4 times. Never could get it to work. Now, 4 years later, I'm getting a replacement refrigerator. Think I'll go with a Maytag...not sure yet. Don't waste your money trying to fix. Get some good old fashioned ice trays and call it a learning experience.

Aug 09, 2014
Ice maker
by: Anonymous

Ours too! It's a sorry piece of equipment. I have never been so sick of a purchase. The ice will melt in the tray. Then the water condensation runs down the inside back of the fridge. It freezes and builds up so I have to pry it out with something.

Aug 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

We have been soooooo disappointed with this refrigerator. Same issues aas everyone else! NO design fix!! Repairman out to fix it 6+ times, so we demanded a new one! Had new one for 3 weeks and it started doing the same thing! Piece of crap!!

Jul 16, 2014
ice maker and freezer issues
by: Tom from Ohio

like everyone else the ice maker on my Frigidaire is a peace of junk. We had a repair man out 2x. He replaced the board and it worked for awhile then stopped. We just now noticed water leaking out of the bottom. Also we have had major issues with the freezer The temperature would rise to 25+ degrees then down and up again. We pulled out the unit to make sure that the coils were clean and found that a piece of insulation had fallen onto the fan causing it not to turn. We have had several issues with the freezer drawer sticking and not rolling out smoothly making it a struggle to open the freezer drawer. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS model to anyone.

Apr 25, 2014
Guess I am joining the crowd!
by: Anonymous

one month out of warranty and ice maker quit...troubleshot a couple of times but it appears to be gone. If you install the new model icemaker will it work or just another waste of money? anyone?

Mar 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

We purchased this piece of junk August 2011. Just before the warranty expired the ice maker started leaking water and the ice would melt and then freeze in a large clump. Repairman said the frig was sold without an upgrade to the ice maker. That seemed to work for a couple of months and then the same mess started happening. Sometimes the ice maker would stop making ice. After 8 repairman visits it was determined that the ice maker unit could not be fixed. My home warranty doesn't cover ice makers, so we are up the creek without a paddle at this point. (never got an extended warranty on the piece of junk either).

Jun 26, 2012
mine is great
by: Ron

I have had this model FPHB2899LFA for 2 months and the dealer told me that Frigidaire recently redesigned their icemaker to correct their problems. I have had absolutely no problems. If you are considering A frigidaire french door be sure you get one with the new updated icemaker

May 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

NEVER AGAIN!!!! We live in Minnesota---so the problems are not isolated to CA. We bought our Frigidaire in Feb. 2011. From day one we have had trouble. Every time (6 to 8 visits) they could not fix the problem with the ice/water. Everything that has been mentioned from all other reviews---is an ongoing problem with this model. The company that produced this appliance SHOULD BE ASHAMED! They know this is a common complaint--yet they act as if they have never heard of this problem. I have the extended warranty---they finally sent their "own" repairman from A&E. He thought he repaired it. Wrong! The next day it wasn't producing water or ice. (As usual) I called the business where we purchased this piece of junk ----I want this thing out of my house! Buyer beware of this model. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!

Nov 28, 2011
Piece of junk
by: Anonymous

Wow, nice to know I am not the only one with a piece of junk Frigidaire. We bought an extended warranty through Lowes. Someone has been out 5 times now, and no one knows how to fix the ice maker on the top that doesn't make ice.

The A & E Service repair people do not know how to work on these "new" icemakers. Golly gee, didn't know these new fangled machines were so much trouble.

Of course, they have ordered 5 different sets of parts now, which only counts as "one" visit. Even though I must take time out of my life for them to show up and tell me they do not know what the heck they are doing. Poor customer service all around and a crappy refrigerator.

Don't buy a Fridgidaire Appliance!!!

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Oct 20, 2011
This Frigidaire French Door Bottom Freezer is a Lousy Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

I bought this French door because Frigidaire refrigerators are supposed to be good products. I was wrong.

I have the same ice problem. It does not make ice and it was sweating (water condensation). They had sent out a chip board & service people came out, but I still have the same problem. No ice or very little ice. Water dispenser is a joke. It takes a couple of minutes to fill a class of water.

Frigidaire, you people need to get your act together.

Aug 17, 2011
Aug. 1, 2011 Frigidaire French Door Follow Up
by: Anonymous

It's been about 2 weeks since receiving the fphb2899lf-4.

What's different about this model is:

  1. The ice cube shape is now a smaller pyamid shape, no more round with hole in the center.
  2. The bin slides in/out easily without pushing the little button on the side which was done away with
  3. The auger doesn't seem to get out of alignment like the old model

What's the same:

  • It still does not meet our families ice requirements so I must supplement with store bought ice.

I have pulled out to check for water leaks weekly, so far everything is dry.

Now to address the cabinet damage/mold - Filing a claim with Frigidaire to see if they will cover due to malfunction of the icemaker.

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Aug 01, 2011
Ice Maker Problems With Our Frigidaire Professional French Door Refrigerator (model fphb2899lf)
by: Anonymous

Follow up to 3/16/11 post. Problems with the ice maker turning itself off continued.

Further research suggested I get an updated electronic board. Frigidaire agreed. After the change out ice maker worked ok -- never did fill the bin and we would frequently run out, but it didn't shut down on its own anymore.

However 1 day prior to our warranty ending I pulled it out to clean under and found that water had slowly been leaking from the water valve where the water line is connected. It was a very slow leak, evaporating so it went unnoticed. There was mold/some cabinet damage and lots of calcium residue on the floor.

I called Frigidaire on the last day of my warranty and they agreed to send a replacement unit because I had 3 issues within the first year.

  • Note: There must need to be 30 days between service calls for issues to count more than once.

Replacement serial number ends in 4, original purchase ended 1.

The ice maker has been redesigned. I will follow up with another post in a few weeks and let you all know if this one is any better.

Jul 24, 2011
Our Frigidaire Replacement Fridge Is No Better Than The Original
by: Anonymous

Bought a new Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator 5/2/11 and it never got cold. The retailer, Spencer's in Gilbert, AZ refused to send a new one so I began an odessy with the factory.

After invoking buyer protection on the credit card and making a complaint to the BBB, the retailer woke up and sent a new refrigerator--same make and model. It doesn't work.

They replaced something to do with the ice maker, the control panel and something else. The coldest it gets inside is 50 degrees and the freezer is 16 degrees.

I have thrown out hundreds of dollars worth of food that simply is unsafe to eat stored at 55 degrees.

The factory customer service people and the people on the 'replacement review' team do not have a clue what they are doing. All you get is the runaround. I'm depending on the retailer to have a new refrigerator here (#3) by Tuesday.....and it won't be anything manufactured by Electrolux!

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Jul 19, 2011
Ice Maker Problem
by: Ohio Customer

Well I was a little more patient with the service people. 14 service calls later and finally they are replacing the unit July 2011.

It all started in November 2010. Purchased the unit in September and always had issues with the icemaker. Every item was replaced.

My service tech had the factory on the phone and they had them replace the same part many times.

It was a nightmare.

It has not made ice since March. I told them I want an ice maker that works. Hopefully it will. Now they are trying to sell me an extended warranty.

Jul 18, 2011
Follow up to June 5th posting - Frigidaire Ice Maker Problem
by: Anonymous

This is a follow up to my June 5th posting

Frigidaire since replaced my fphb2899lf1 model with fphb2899lf4, I am assuming it the 4th revision to this fridge based on the model number and now it is working like it should now, it's making ice what a concept!

I did notice the new fridge has a new ice maker component in it, it no longer has the long rectangle metal piece in the ice maker but an all plastic design which seem to be working great and no more water dripping into the bucket.

If you call for warranty service 3 times for the same issue then call up Frigidaire and have them replace it for free before your warranty runs out.

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Jul 17, 2011
Ice Maker problems
by: Anonymous

Having the same problem, will not make enough ice.

The repair man been here 3 times replacing boards and it still doesn't work.

This is a terrible fridge -- do not buy this brand!

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Jun 05, 2011
Frigidaire Ice Maker Problem
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure what else to do with this Frigidaire ice maker problem I've had since day one. It just doesn't work.

I called for repair 5 different time from 2 different repair companies, yet all they would do is replace the electronic board in the back. Which just doesn't fix anything.

Having a warranty is pointless if all they can't fix it, it's just a waste of time calling for repair.

I'm very frustrated with Frigidaire.

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Apr 26, 2011
Fridgidare and the NO Ice Fridge
by: No Ice Age

So nice to see the common thread here with this fridge, wish I would have seen them earlier.

We purchased ours and had it delivered March 2nd, and on our 2nd unit and had ice for 7 days. Ice would freeze up in cup and build up into the inlet tube.

Had 5 service calls, first unit had the water valve replaced twice, store replaced fridge and second units ice maker froze solid.

Frigidaire then admitted that there was a retrofit kit for a new valve and line system. Installed that and it worked for 7 days till I turned on the power ice function, that froze the whole water line in the box.

Repairman said he had to call Frigidaire to find out what to do. So after two months and two units, we are trading it in for a Samsung.

Hope that works. Doesn't anyone test these designs before they market them?

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Apr 20, 2011
Ice Maker Needs a Recall!!
by: W.West

My icemaker is acting up as well. Water from the overfilling ice tray goes down the drain and freezes. I think it is freezing against a fan (evaporator fan maybe?) because it gets very noisy.

Then I have to defrost it with a hair dryer to get it going again and stop the noise. Works for awhile then does it again. Sometimes it just stops making ice as well, but a reset gets it going again.

Yesterday we came home to water all over the floor. All the ice had melted in the bin and drained out through the ice dispenser. 3rd tech call and they have not done a thing yet. This thing really does need a recall!!!

Mar 16, 2011
We Have the Same Frigidaire Fridge and the Ice Maker Stops Working
by: Anonymous

I've had the same Frigidaire frig (fphb2899lf) since Aug. 2010. The problem we have is that the ice maker stops making ice. We tend to notice it only when it runs out.

Re-booting the ice maker (turning it off and on) fixes it, but then out of the blue 4-6 weeks later we run out of ice again.

I noticed that the bin is always very full when its working right, so much so that ice is falling into an opening on the left side of the bin. Originally we thought that was our problem and put stainless steel tape to cover opening, but we're still having problem.

We've had a tech. here 2 times to fix this problem, but now we've just learned to check the ice bin for low levels and re-boot if its not full.

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Mar 04, 2011
2 Frigidaire French Door Fridges = 2 Identical Problems
by: RK

There are many positive aspects to this Frigidaire fridge, but because of a major design flaw I cannot recommend this fridge to anyone.

The first delivery was fine, but after a few days I noticed water dripping from the rear of the ice maker. To both confirm this and prevent issues I put a towel inside the fridge towards the back to collect the water...and there was a lot of water.

It is like the ice tray overfills and the water drips into the ice maker. There was also a sheet of ice from collected water in the ice maker bin itself. All the ice would stick together in one gigantic clump.

Of course I assumed this was a fluke. First service visit, the authorized technician replaced the circuit board (saying the test code came back as 'faulty'). Issue persisted. Next time he determined that the ice unit wasn't installed properly in the factory, so the drainage wasn't working correctly.

He adjusted it and water no longer dripped inside the fridge, but it continued to pool in the ice maker itself. By then I had had enough and took advantage of the retailers 'no lemon' guarantee.

My second fridge was delivered brand new earlier this week and to my disappointment, water is again dripping inside the fridge. I have adjusted water pressure both ways in hopes of making an improvement but there is still nothing.

Extremely dissatisfied and wonder what the fundamental design flaw is and why they haven't recognized it as an issue.

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Feb 24, 2011
This Model is a Lemon
by: Anonymous

Since purchasing my Frigidaire French door bottom freezer refrigerator (model fphb2899lf) in June 2010- I have had service technicians come in 4 times- all times for the ice maker.

Initially it did not make ice then it froze- so a new updated "card" was to be placed to stop the ice maker from freezing. This was done and now the ice maker makes no ice and is frozen.

I now await yet another visit from the technician. But am I glad I got a 5 year service/part warranty!

Feb 01, 2011
This Fridge has a Poor Ice Maker!!
by: Anonymous

Purchased this Frigidaire fridge in November (4 months ago) and can honestly say the ice maker tray has only filled 1 time!

We have taken out the tray to defrost 3 times (last night for example) and we still don't have any ice tonight.

Calling service tech tomorrow because this thing is ridiculous!!!

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Jan 20, 2011
My Frigidaire Refrigerator Was Replaced - Still Has Problems
by: Walter H.

Frigidaire replaced my refrigerator on Jan.7,2011 with the same model.

As of today Jan.20,2011 I have called for repair service as the ice maker has stopped working.

The design of this refrigerator is poor and Frigidaire needs recall them.

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Jan 07, 2011
Icemaker issues
by: Anonymous

Just searching on the net to see if anyone has been experiencing the same issues with this Frigidaire fridge.

I purchased this fridge in September 2010 and my icemaker has also stopped producing. After replacing the unit the technician discovered that the actual problem is that the water supply line to the icemaker freezes up.

I have another tech coming again to see if they can find a solution!

Dec 27, 2010
by: Walter H.

Thanks for the info. I plan on checking out this Lemon law.

Dec 27, 2010
Might have some good news for you...
by: Julianna

Hi Walter,

It certainly sounds like you got a terrible refrigerator or at least ice maker.

Thought the good news in all of this is you live in California and I assume you bought your fridge in California as well. If this is the case, you and your fridge should fall under the Lemon Law.

Basically what this will do for you is if the manufacturer is unable to fix the problem after a certain number of tries (I believe it is 3 but don't quote me on it), then they are required to reimburse you for the cost of the item they sold you and are unable to fix.

Seriously you should do a bit of research online to see how you can not only get it fixed but possibly get a whole new fridge to replace it. I don't know if your beef will be with Frigidaire or the store that sold it to you but I would find out.

Hope this helps.

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