Counter depth Frigidaire Gallery side by side. Model No. FGHC2331PFO

by Lucille R.
(Tavares, FL)

Purchased the unit June 22, 2013 from Home Depot. Perfect for the design of my kitchen, counter depth needed.

Replacing a unit that was 12 years old. Overall, we decided it was a good buy, the price was right, and at that time had a good rating with Consumer Digest.

Long story short, it is now 3 years old and has an issue that there is no repair for, only replacement.

It has a large area on the back that has corroded, that according to the recommended repairman, cannot be fixed.

Frigidaire refuses to help in anyway since we did not purchase an extended warranty. Home Depot says it's the responsibility of the manufacturer, and now, we are faced with replacing a 3 year old unit.

Being that we are retired, on a fixed income, and my husband has a major health issue requiring expensive medicines, this is what we encounter from companies that are in business for that all mighty dollar and screw the buyer.

I will never buy another Frigidaire appliance nor make any major purchase from Home Depot. Customer service is a thing from the past.

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