Frustrated with My Frigidaire Fridge!! ( Model No. GLRT214TCB6)

by Angela
(Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I am frustrated with our Frigidaire fridge!!

Only 6 years old? and two shelves (on the inside of the door) are broken along with the plastic tabs that are supposed to hold the shelves in place.

Right now, we have NO SHELVES on our door to hold ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, etc. etc. etc. and with 7 people in our house, the rest of the fridge is a big mess!

I am quite disgusted by the lack of quality in making a plastic fridge inner panel. I'd like to see the old metal bars put back in, not these crappy plastic shelves.

Plus, the fridge is noisy. It makes these weird popping sounds every once in a while that can be quite frightening, especially to any house guests.

Does anyone else have these kinds of issues with their Frigidaire refrigerator? I had a Whirlpool refrigerator for over 15 years and never had even half of these problems.

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