Handles Breaking on my Frigidaire Model #FFHT1826LQA Refrigerator/Freezer

by Audrey R.
(Watertown, SD)

I am writing this review because I need to know if the problems are only happening to my refrigerator.

My question is if any one has had problems with their Frigedaire Refrigerator Handle Breaking?

Mine have had problem after problem with this. Seriously since I got this fridg I have had to replace it 4 times! If that wasn't enough, when I called the company that sold me they said it was my fault! They claim it has to do with the fact that I tightened the handle too much.

Well Guess what, it wasn't me that tightened it too much -- it was the guys who delivered it that put it on that tightened it. How is that my fault?

I would get that this would be a problem that I'm responsible for except that my daughter, who lives several hundred miles away in Denver, has the same Frigidaire refrigerator and her handle is broken too.

So if any one hears about recall on my Refrigerator FFHT1826LQA please let me know!

I've had it for only 3yrs and the handle keeps on breaking and, no, I am not pulling or hanging on it.

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Mar 11, 2023
Handle Breaking
by: Goose Slayer

Frigidaire Refrigerator model FFHT2131QPO bought in 2015 have broke 3 door handles this is a problem by Frigidaire so now we just open the door by the side no more Frigidaire for me

Nov 14, 2022
Frigidaire fridge handle plastic handle model no.FFHT1826LW9handle broke twice on me NEW
by: Anonymous

I have replaced 2handles on my Frigidaire fridge they are to thin on top that's why they keep breaking cheap plastic

Sep 17, 2022
Professional Series handles break NEW
by: Anonymous

We had the same problem. Less then 3 years old, the handles broke on both the bottom drawer freezer and the microwave. We don't have kids and certainly don't mistreat our appliances. Very frustrating for what you pay for these appliances.

Jun 22, 2022
Target Practice For Frigidaire Refridgerator NEW
by: Tammy Olson

This Fridgidaire was so exhausting. If you didn't want to look like a ghetto queen you had to keep on replacing handles, the shelves and even the drawers. It was a cheaply made piece of crap. The company completely ignored the problem and just happily sold you more handles. Although, no you couldn't buy just one. You had to buy the freezer handle as well. I got a place they can put that freezer handle.

In the end, I sold my house. They wanted a different fridge. My son has a friend who has a farm out in the country. They use different things as target practice. This weekend it was the Frigidaire Refrigerator that has been wasting my time and money for years. They sent me video of the demise of that piece of crap.

I grew up with a Frigidaire brand in the home that lasted years. That is why I bought this brand. Whomever is responsible for the junk that is being made there now should be ashamed of themselves.

I will never EVER buy another Fridgidaire brand of anything or anything that they have to do with.

You could have, at the very least owned up to there being a problem and fixed it with different handles being sent out. But no, you chose to ignore the customer. I hope your company dies just like your Fridge did. Up in flames.

Jun 21, 2022
Mine broken in a week NEW
by: Kristi Stockdale

Broken in a week

Apr 22, 2022
Broken handles X4 NEW
by: Anonymous

4 years same problem, this is my 4th set I have bought to replace these handles

Jan 28, 2022
My Frigidaire handle too
by: Tammy Olson

I am replying because I too have replaced the refrigerator door handle 4 times! The last 2 times it cost me $90. I bought mine in Moorehead MN at Home Maker's Villa. They claimed my kids were too hard on my fridge! I said well explain why the refrigerator that's downstairs from 1995 still has all the working handles and shelves? This is a piece of junk and no one backs this product. Frigidaire...you SUCK.

Nov 18, 2021
Refrigerator Handle weak spot NEW
by: Tina

We have a bunch of Whirlpools in rentals and experience the same issue with the handle cracking between the two screws where the handle is attached at the top of the refrigerator door. When the new handle broke, I learned to use clear gorilla glue, a clamp, and a couple of days of drying time to repair this problem. When they break again if I can't glue it back, I'll buy another at that time. For now, the glue seems to be working.

Jun 24, 2021
Yes me too NEW
by: Anonymous

I also have my refrigerator for 3 years. Same problem. Frigidaire won’t stand behind it.

Sep 22, 2020
by: Anonymous


Sep 09, 2020
Two broken handles. NEW
by: Anonymous

We have had to purchase a second handle for our Frigidaire refrigerator. It is definitely not abused. There are only two people in my house. Both snapped off at the top.

Feb 14, 2020
handles NEW
by: Anonymous

the plastic handle on my Electrolux fridge (same model, same parent company) snapped after 3 years. No fault of my own. Company only offered to sell me two replacement handles, not one, and told me i should keep the extra handle in the closet if it breaks again. I ordered it at a cost of $55. No screws were included. Company told me later that the two tiny screws would cost another $11.
I asked the call center person and supervisor if they felt this was a ripoff and they sheepishly said sorry. I told them i would never by any of their products ever agian and they that's your choice. This is why these stupid large companies get stale and die, and they deserve it.

Jan 20, 2020
by: Anonymous

Silly plastic handles! Replaced 3 times so far. We found that we could use the replacement freezer handle for fridge portion. The curve looks and feels slightly different but saved some money if you are buying the upper and lower replacement pack and not using the freezer handle portion.

Oct 31, 2019
same issue twice. NEW
by: Land StClair

Brand new Frigidaire refrigerator handle broke at the point of attachment to the door( screw) and it was less than a year old. Bought a package of 2 more and had another break just this week....I have always purchased this brand...but now I am losing faith..

Sep 24, 2019
Door Handles Frigidaire NEW
by: Matthew

I own a Frigidaire Model FFHT 1621QW2. Mfg. Date:04/2016. My wife and I love it except for the broken handles.Regarding the handles I have to ask, Why are these made of plastic? What happened to stainless steel?
I was able to fix the fridge handle with Gorilla Glue and super black duct tape. The freezer handle will be more difficult to fix. The place where the handle is screwed into the freezer door is completely fragmented. I can't simply glue/tape the broken piece and reattach.I need to fabricate a plastic piece and repair the handle with that.I would love to get the opinion of of someone who was knowledgeable about polymers. The point of attachment will be stressed repeatedly or every time the door is pulled open to get milk etc. The plastic used on the handles I have is not durable. Either a different material should have been used or the attachment points reinforced by metal.

Jul 29, 2019
frigidarie handle NEW
by: Anonymous

I love my frigidaire refrigerator execept the handles keep breaking in the same spot over and over again. Whats up with that? Have replaced 6 handles over the last 4 years. Does anyone know if there's been a recall?

Jun 26, 2019
Cheaply made product but expensive NEW
by: Anonymous

I just ordered online the second set of plastic handles for my Frigidare refrigerator which we have had for a few years. The first set broke early on, one at a time. We have no children or rough people pulling on them.

They must be very cheaply made, though I was shocked at the price which came to $68 with shipping. No tax was taken out, and it does not even include the screws. That is a separate order. Never had this problem before with previous refrigerators, even with a large family. What is wrong with this company?

Dec 30, 2018
Handle NEW
by: Anonymous

I just want you to understand I had my refrigerator was delivered by the store the guys who delivered put the handles on not once but twice, as the first on broken so they came back to replace hmmm thst should telll you something

Dec 30, 2018
Refrigerator handle NEW
by: Anonymous

Seriously, do you remember to grab the bottom of handle wjen you goung into the refrigerator, as i see i am not the only person thst has been having problems , personally i would think you would stand behind your product and listen to wants goung on, as you see there is no anothet problem just the handle issue and no I have no kids here so it isnt cuz kids are pulling on.
Those handles are expensive as was the refrigerator,

Dec 30, 2018
It's a design flaw NEW
by: Anonymous

Instead of putting the screws one behind the other, they should be parallel. With this design, only one screw carries the load every time the door is opened. Failure is unavoidable. The only thing you can do is make sure you use the bottom of the handle every time you open the door to lessen the load on the screws.

Aug 12, 2018
Broken Handle NEW
by: Anonymous

My 82 year old mom bought a Frigidaire fridge, March 2017. Just over a year later handle snaps off. The same spot at the top where it’s screwed in that other people have complained about. The manufacturer said they aren’t aware of an issue. I will never buy a Frigidaire. They likely make a ton of money selling replacement handles and because they are cosmetic they aren’t covered by a warranty.

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