A POSITIVE comment for Frigidaire refrigerators

by cobie1010

I happened upon this blog and decided to write a POSITIVE comment for Frigidaire refrigerators.

I am researching refrigerators to update my current working refrigerator to one that will be more energy efficient.

My original refrigerator purchase (over 30 years ago) was a Frigidaire model FFL1775 (the label is wearing so this was the best I could make out the model number).

That original refrigerator is my spare refrigerator, it still runs and is used for excess food and freezer items and is great for storing items when we are having parties/gatherings.

We replaced this refrigerator when we bought our first home 12+ years ago. We renovated our kitchen and I wanted matching appliances so the original refrigerator was placed in the basement and is used as a back up to the one in our kitchen.

Our newest Frigidaire refrigerator (purchased 12+ years ago due to the renovation) is model FRT21LRG. This refrigerator works perfectly, does not leak and is extremely quiet. We installed the ice maker ourselves (after market with option to add this feature).

The only downfall to this refrigerator from my experience is the shelving doesn't last too long on the doors. The two models I mention in this blog have plastic tabs with an aluminum bar to hold items stored on the side doors (refrigerator and freezer).

You can't store heavy items on the side doors, otherwise the aluminum will loosen and fall off and after a while will end up breaking the plastic tab from the side door. We have repaired these issues on our own with caulking.

I am looking at replacing this 12-year-old+ refrigerator with another Frigidaire refrigerator because I have always had good experiences with them.

I will put my 12-year-old+ refrigerator in my basement to keep for excess storage and bid farewell to my original refrigerator of 30+ years.

I can't believe the 30+ year refrigerator is still in great working condition but I know it is not an energy efficient appliance so it's time to bid farewell to it.

I do not work for and am not affiliated with Frigidaire. I highly recommend Frigidaire refrigerators to anyone who is looking to upgrade their refrigerator. I hope you give Frigidaire your highest consideration when upgrading your refrigerator.

I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

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Jul 30, 2015
Keep the old Refridgerator
by: Anonymous

I would recommend keeping the older appliances. We bought a side by side fridgidaire exactly 2 years ago and it is already dead. It could have burnt our house down, we were lucky. The starter was burnt and the compressor was bad. I will never buy or recommend a Fridgidaire to anyone ever. They refused to help when we called them. A Fridge should last more than 2 years and I heard many other stories like this. WE paid $1000 for a paice of garbage. I should not have to spend 500 a year to keep food cold.

Sep 27, 2010
Place to Find Great Frigidaire Refrigerators
by: Melissa

I have looked around for the best deals on the web myself when I was looking for a Frigidaire refrigerator. I finally found one and I am very happy with my purchase.

Aug 18, 2010
Such a breath of fresh air
by: HeidiPro

It's so great to get a positive comment on any refrigerator brand. Most of the time all we ever hear is about how much someone hates their fridge.

Thanks for the pick-me-up and a really helpful review.

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