Frigidaire refrigerator Model # FPHB2899LF1

by Joe
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

I purchased my new Frigidaire refrigerator Professional model # FPHB2899LF1 in November 2010.

You would think that purchasing such an expensive refrigerator that everything would work perfectly for at least ten years in a row. Not so much. Here we are just under a year and every since we bought it there has been a problem with the ice maker.

We just can't seem to get it to work properly. We've even that the technician look at it 3 times and he hasn't been able to get it to work.

I don't know if I should start making a fuss because it's still under warranty and soon it won't be. I'm not even sure they would replace my refrigerator based on something as small as an ice maker but I am willing to try.

I just know that from all that I've read about warranties if you don't use them completely before they expire you lose your chance to use them.

Wish me luck.

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Jun 16, 2014
Hate the Ice Maker !
by: TJ

We also bought this refrigerator.... along with an 5 yr extended warranty through some texas company....

We have had constant problems with the ice maker... as everyone else has stated... each time they have come and fixed it... only to have something else fail within 6-9 months.

We are now less than a year away from our extended warranty running out... and the extended warranty company kept giving us the run around about what needed to fail in order to get the fridge replaced....

LUCKILY we purchased the refrigerator from a local family owned store here in Lexington, KY - Pierratt's.... and they have been great.

Pierratt's has pushed Frigidaire to replace our refrigerator.... and Frigidaire finally came back and stated they would give us 1/2 off a new one.... now with a different and hopefully better ice maker design.

Pierratt's offered to pay the difference.... and they are delivering the new 2014 model today.

I wish everyone could have been as lucky as us... a BIG thanks to Pierratt's... for showing real customer service.... We will be back to Pierratt's again.... but not so sure we will be buying a Frigidaire next time... we will have to see how this new unit does.

By the way, when we bought our refrigerator, we also purchased Frigidaire Professional series stove, microwave and high end dishwasher.... I must say that we are VERY happy with these Frigidaire products.... we were happy with the refrigerator also... EXCEPT for that darn ice maker !

Dec 31, 2011
My Frigidaire Refrigerator was a Bad Buy!!
by: Anonymous

We bought a Frigidiare last summer (2010) and have had nothing but trouble with it.

The main problem is the ice maker. And like everyone else, it cannot be fixed, plain and simple.

The 4 people we have had out to service it all have said the same thing. A very poor design. They knew it wouldn't work but went through with building it hoping to get the bugs out. Went through hell with the extended warranty.

But after 4 months they are sending us a check to replace the whole fridge. Frigidaire is washing there hands of it saying its not their fault.

I have bought my last Frigidaire appliance. If you know what's good for you, then you'll never buy one either.

Nov 21, 2011
Frigidaire Refrigerator model #FPHB2899Lf1
by: Sue

The icemaker in my Frigidaire refrigerator has never worked properly. It has been repaired 4-5 times and the repair company has stated continuous problem with this ice maker. It seems as though the company of Frigidaire is aware that product is flawed.

I would like to see everyone having problems pursue this issue with Frigidaire and not allow them to take advantage of the consumer.

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