Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator (Model #FPHB2899LT3)

by Elaine
(Saskatoon, Canada)

We purchased this our Frigidaire French door refrigerator in December of 2010.

To quickly sum it up, this refrigerator is terrible and I wouldn't recommend this fridge to my worst enemy.

The repair people have been out 6 times & it still is not working properly.

The ice maker keeps breaking down. They have replaced the motor in the ice maker & the main control panel twice. All of these repairs were needed to be done in less than one year's worth of use.

How is it possible you can buy a refrigerator that will break down that quickly?!?! Refrigerators used to be things that would last almost a lifetime. Now it seems like they've become disposable.

We have finally convinced the store we purchased it from to return it.

We will never purchase a Frigidaire appliance ever again.

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Dec 12, 2013
My Frigidaire fridge keeps breaking down too
by: Frustrated in Florida

I am so happy to see your post. You were lucky you got yours replaced. We are going to be going on our 4th ice maker. They have never worked, with the exception of one that's lasted less than 1 year. Our fridge is less than 3 years old. Piece of crap. When I called Electrolux to complain when we were on the 2nd ice maker, "customer service" said we were out of warranty and offered nothing. Fortunately we had bought an extended warranty and is covering all these. This fridge is a joke. I would replace it and throw the damn thing out - except that it was so expensive. I will NEVER buy frigidare-electrolux again. I can't believe that there's not a recall again. There was a recall/upgrade to the ice maker which we got on the 3rd repair - but it still didn't last. Please stay away from this model, brand. There are many out there that work.

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