Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator with Auto Ice and Water Dispenser (model FSC23R5DB7)

by Eddy D.
(Sand Springs, OK)

I purchased this Frigidaire side by side refrigerator 3 years ago. We've had numerous problems with the water line and the seals:

  1. Within two weeks problems began with water line bursting - due to water hammer caused by snap-acting solenoid water valves. It flooded our recently remodeled kitchen while we were asleep at night. This was replaced with copper tubing.

  2. Then the seals around solenoid valves started leaking water after 1-2 months of service. Replaced complete water inlet valve manifold with new style PEX fitting, lasted about 1 month then started leaking again. Not covered under warranty!

The unit is extremely noisy, more so than any other refrigerator we have owned.

We are 65yr. old who have tried a lot of other brands. The reason we bought this Frigidaire is because my wife's mother had one years ago and loved it. Our old unit was a Whirlpool and it lasted 20 years and three moves across the country. It had a plastic water line which never leaked or burst.

Now the refrigerator has simply stopped working. Tried all the suggestions in the manual.

Have tried calling several servicemen, not one would work on a Frigidaire. Called the appliance store where purchased it, and they gave us some numbers to call but each one wanted money upfront to look at it.

Frigidaire needs to do some serious redesign. All of the parts I have replaced have been made in Mexico or China.

Our new refrigerator is/are cardboard boxes neatly arranged around the garage floor. Hope we don't have a warm spell!

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Jun 03, 2015
Frigidaire Refrigerator Problems
by: Anonymous

Electrolux purchased the Fridgidaire appliance division before all these problems began to appear. Consumers buying a trusted, once reliable brand name received instead, a down-graded mass production el cheapo delux. As consumers we really need to remember that Electrolux is likely to be doing the same poor cheap engineering on all the products it produces. They seem not to have any respect for product testing before selling a new design. Electrolux is not taking responsibility for its mistakes.

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