Black Side by Side Frigidaire Refrigerator

by Sid

I am super frustrated with this Frigidaire side by side refrigerator!! I loved it because it seemed so sleek in the black color but never would have bought it had I known what I was in for!!

I have already had to replace the thermostat 2 times -- yes, 2 times!! Then the circuit board went out twice as well!! I get things going out once but when it happens in twos it makes me wonder if this is just faulty construction on our hands.

All along we've had a terrible time with it defrosting. For some reason it just won't do it and the frost just builds up.

We've even tried to lubricate the seals on the doors and the darn thing still will not defrost. It's super frustrating having a beautiful refrigerator that we constantly have to use the hair dryer every 5 days just to keep the ice from building up!

(**when you talk to a repairman he'll tell you to take everything out of your refrigerator. Turn it off, dry it out and leave it open for 2 days. Really?!?! And where do I put all of my food for the next 48 hours? In a cooler? Nope, that's why I bought a fridge in the first place.)

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