Refrigerators Review

Here's our review of some of the most popular refrigerator models available.

We hope our Refrigerators Review will come in handy if you are feeling bombarded by the number of refrigerator models that are available. We've compiled a list of the most popular refrigerator models and provided detailed reviews of each.

We look at a wide variety of things when we review a refrigerator. Here's a list of five of the most important elements that we review:

  1. CAPACITY: You need to know how much capacity you need. The general rule of thumb is to have 10 cu. ft. per two people in a given household. A typical family of four will need a fridge with about 25 cubic feet of storage.

  2. EFFICIENCY: In this time of climate change, an efficient running refrigerator is more important than ever before. We try to find the most efficient models many of which are Energy Star Qualified which means that they run with approximately 15% less energy than federal regulations require.

  3. DURABILITY: A refrigerator should be a "decade purchase." Meaning, it should last you at least 10-15 years and have little if any service issues. The models in our Refrigerators Review fall into this category.

  4. PRICE: For those lucky few where price is no object, check out Gaggenau or SubZero. But for the rest of us, where price is definitely a concern, we tried to locate the best priced refrigerator models in a wide variety of styles and configurations.

  5. BRAND: It may not seem all that important at first glance considering how many of the refrigerators out on the market today are actually manufactured by the same company (Whirlpool), but there are still significant differences between an Amana Refrigerator and a Maytag Refrigerator.

Refrigerators Review - Our List of the Most Popular Refrigerator Reviews

We've scoured every appliance store we could find to bring you only the most popular refrigerator models. Here's our refrigerators review of refrigerator reviews! (Keep in mind, we're constantly adding to this list as new models hit the market.)

Amana Refrigerators


Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators

Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Amana Side by Side Refrigerators

Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators

Side by Side Refrigerators


GE Side by Side Refrigerators


French Door Refrigerators


Dacor French Door Refrigerators

GE French Door Refrigerators: Click on this link to see the 3 models we prefer.

Viking French Door Refrigerators

Energy Star Rated Whirlpool Refrigerators

  • Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerators
  • Whirlpool GC5THEXN Side by Side Refrigerator 21.8 cu. Ft
  • Whirlpool CS6NBEXRB Side by Side Refrigerator 25.6 cu. Ft
  • Whirlpool ED2GHEXNL Side by Side Refrigerator 21.8 cu. Ft
  • Whirlpool GD5NVAXSA Side by Side Refrigerator 25.6 cu ft
  • Whirlpool ED2FHAXSB Side by Side Refrigerator 21.8 cu ft
  • Whirlpool Top Freezer Mount Refrigerators

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