Amana ATB1932MRW Top Freezer Refrigerator

19.0 cu. ft. Easy Reach Plus Top Mount Refrigerator - White Finish

OVERALL: The Amana ATB1932MRW Top Mounted Freezer Refrigerator is one of the Top Rated Amana Refrigerators.

It has an ample 19.0 cu. ft. of storage space, runs quietly and has the durability of the Amana brand.

If you look for it on sale you can find it for just under $550.00, which makes it a great starter fridge.

PROS: For a basic fridge, it's loaded with features.

  • It has an Automatic Moisture Control and FreshLock Crisper(s) with Humidity Control.This feature is wonderful in keeping veggies crisp for longer because without it we've found that vegetables don't last as long.

  • The Split Adjustable Spill-Catcher Shelves: These easily adjustable shelves allow you to adjust the interior capacity to better suit your needs. The 'Spill-Catcher' feature is very helpful in keeping simple spills from becoming a refrigerator overhaul to clean up.

  • And with the Pick-Off Gallon-Plus Door Bins and Full-Width Adjustable Wire Freezer Shelf you'll be able to fit just about anything in this well designed fridge.

  • This fridge also has quite a few color options. Considering that most top freezer refrigerators in this price range only come in white, the fact that you can get this in white, black or even stainless is quite impressive.

CONS: The base model doesn't automatically include a built in ice making option. Though if this is important to you, it can include an Automatic Adjustable Ice Maker Option but for almost $200+ more.

Just know that if you are adding this on to the price, there are other fridges that are in that price range that won't come with wire shelves (this can be a pain as small items tend to fall through).

The foam door insulation was effective and managing temperature loss, but it made the door somewhat difficult to open.

MSRP: The price on this refrigerator started at $699.00 but it has since been discontinued and is no longer being sold as a new refrigerator.  But Amana has a number of other options to consider.

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